Thursday, October 22, 2020

Next project - Jester / King

After working on Demonheart the visual novel and Demonheart: Hunters the RPG for years, I needed to take a break from the DH world.

I started with an old idea: a jester protagonist with a lady friend in a cursed castle, the king is dead, everyone is insane, and the court wizard is shady as hell. I changed some things around, the shady wizard became a lady, and a new gay character appeared, due to the latest influences from me playing certain anime games. 😏

Then I did my own NaNoWriMo challenge, but in July, and the first draft of the new visual novel was born. Of course, a lot of things have changed from the initial idea, and between each draft. The editing of the text took a lot longer than a month, and I'm still adding more. For the Demonheart games, I actually wasn't writing everything in a huge text document like this, so this is a new approach for me. I'm having fun and feeling inspired for this new game - which wasn't the case by the end of DHH. There was something really hard about writing a sequel, and I felt under pressure the entire time.

One of my goals during this project is to get better at art, so I am doing the character art myself, with some advice from other people. Thanks to the artists who give me feedback!

It's also the first time that I'm writing a male protagonist (well, other than my teenage attempts at writing novels 😏 and the early ideas of this same jester story that I've had around for years.) I guess I needed a TOTAL break from DH, and writing another female protagonist with Brash-y people hitting on her would not cut it. 🙈 I hope DH fans can identify with this new protagonist. I totally want to be him, so it worked out for me, and there are four love interests of different genders anyway.

Jester / King has a Steam page where you can read some more about the setting and the characters. I plan to release it on as well. Please wishlist and follow!

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