Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chapter 3 progress

I'm almost done with my detailed plan for Chapter 3. Not sure how long it's going to be in comparison with the previous modules, but there is enough drama content to make it a separate module, so I don't think merging with the final module will occur.

As some of you may know, parts of Chapter 3 have been in existence for years now, because that was supposed to be Chapter 2 until I turned things around. That content is part of my first big Demonheart module. It will require lots of rewriting to make things neat again, and of course not all of the old content is usable, due to not being good enough or not fitting into the story anymore. Word count is unclear for now, since I decided to start a new module and import existing resources from the old one if required.

Brash and Sinallion BFF!

My first struggle with Chapter 3: tying all Chapter 2 endings together. You always come to the same town, but I have to write different conversations for different parties. I was most inspired to write the conversations you get if you have all the companions. :P