Saturday, July 7, 2012

Straight from the module's ReadMe...

...which I wrote before the module itself. Doesn't everyone?

This is a dark fantasy / drama / romance module for a female player character.
The demonhearts are an ever-changing, scattered group of individuals who have, intentionally or not, gained demonic regeneration powers and semi-immortality. They can resurrect shortly after death, but they age and their bodies eventually outlive their minds, unless destroyed in a certain way. As much a curse as it is a blessing, being a demonheart often brings hunters on one's track.
The player character must be:
  • Female. 
  • Human, with the slim body type (to get all the fancy animations).
  • A Fighter, Rogue, Bard or Ranger (but these classes have been modified, so the character needs to be created upon starting the module).
  • Level 1.
Her name should, but doesn't have to be a common English word or its variation. (I sometimes assume that she is called Bright, but not within the module, of course.)
She is an 18-year-old commoner girl from the town of Feline, on the south of Shermyr (a kingdom in this custom fantasy world). Having become friends with the famous healer-witch Orchid, the protagonist is invited to dine with her. The witch has a dark secret that she doesn't entirely share with her friend, and that night, it costs them both their lives...
Any alignment is playable, but some tolerance for bad guys is required, especially in Part 1, where you're stuck with a couple of them. There are some opportunities to be sickly rude or evil - just because it's a game. Now go and tell me how I'm a bad person.
Another girl's fantasy module, but quite morbid. At least that's the impression I get when I play some happy modules and go back to mine.

There are 3 romanceable characters in Part 1 and a few more optional encounters. Since I'm splitting the work, it is still unclear what will be found in which part.

This module uses community-made content heavily, to the extent that discovering and putting to use new things hinders my writing. ;) 

As you can notice, I'm splitting the module into parts. This is because the toolset is slow on me even at this phase, and I feel the need to make something public soon. I've been working on this for many years. The first version of Demonheart dates around 8 years back, although it was hardly as thought out as it is now. I've given up on this module a few times and considered making it a completely new game. However, the nature of its content stopped me - it's a very explicit and crazy story. Not worth paying for custom graphics if I can't even put my real signature on it. :) 

* When I say "story" I don't mean that roleplaying is absent. I'm doing my best to provide the player with different options, although some linearity is necessary in the beginning, until the settings are established.