Thursday, March 20, 2014


I was thinking of asking a question here - what kind of cliffhanger would be best to end Chapter 2 with? But I think I shouldn't be asking that. xD It has pretty much been decided, anyway.

What's left to do is tie some more loose ends inside the module (like partially finished conversations), track relationships through variables, and a lot of testing.

The relationships are still confusing me, since Brash seems to have an unfair advantage as the pushy been-everywhere bastard he is. If there are going to be big romance conflicts, I'll leave them for the next module. It's true that you can drag Brash everywhere with you before ending this module (which was a pain to make and I might have missed some places where he would comment), but I don't want to put big romance conflicts at the end of the module. They are a lot of work and they will be needed in the next module anyway. If there are going to be exclusive relationships, I like having more time to decide. So, we have a strange situation in which, if you were trying to romance Arana and Brash at the same time, they would kind of ignore each other and only talk about it later. This might change, but it's something I'll have to decide on soon.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Working on Chapter 2

It's been a long time without an update and even longer without a screenshot.

While working on the old tedious tasks, I had to make some unplanned changes to the existing content to keep me entertained. I did this shortly before releasing chapter 1 too, where the "hospital" dream used to have only one version (for the good/neutral PC). Now, in chapter 2, you can make a choice in a dream that used to have only one default player reaction. (Dreams are weird and blurry, so you don't always have a choice.)

I wish I could speed up the production and finish the beta already... This time, I might make significant changes to the module after receiving feedback. But I have to make it decent enough for playing first. Arrrgh.