Thursday, May 30, 2013

Future Plans

I haven't exactly been able to work on the next module, but I did take the old version in which it was merged with Chapter 1 and clean it of come C1 content. I've been arranging my 200 text notes with ideas for future conversations and sorting out what goes in the next module and what is for later.

I've decided to keep the modules small, so the next part will be only C2 (mostly Ravage). C3 (Suntown) will come later, for my convenience and other incredibly evil purposes...

C1 is still in "beta". I'm too tired of that one to work on correcting bugs right now.

One interesting thing I've done... I've made a table of romance conflicts - which characters can be romanced at the same time and which can't. Basically, no one will be very thrilled to share the demonheart girl with someone else, but some characters can be cheated on (and the one you cheat with knows you are doing it). I've been writing these evil conversation snippets where you cheat on someone and things get complicated... That's probably not for C2, but it will be needed.

** Someone asked me if Arana's presence would destroy or somehow lessen the demonspawn romance. It won't. I just don't want to force Arana on the player. 

Friday, May 17, 2013


Edit: If your bug reports contain spoilers, you can mail them to me:  demonheartlamb @ gmail . com (no spaces). Or warn other people about spoilers in big letters and stuff. :)

I will now submit the first public beta version of Chapter 1 and go to sleep. (Only on the old NWN Vault for now. I'm considering other sites, too, but as long as it's available over there and people can get it, I'm too lazy to adapt to another site.)

This is not an invitation to play the module immediately. I'm pretty sure some terrible issue will arise. But if you want to test, then do - especially if you're willing to play it twice. To people like me who don't have the time, I'd suggest waiting for a safer release.

Also, I am very tired, so if there is something wrong with the upload... then it will be tomorrow.

And if they don't approve it immediately, there will be an even better version tomorrow. :)

Edit: Here it is - module page.

Friday, May 10, 2013


I said that the module was supposed to be released "any day now" because it needs just a few more (whole) days of work. But I wasn't working on it in a while. Apart from all the real life stuff I had to do, I got overworked on the module with all that finishing up, because it took over a week of working on it every day, thinking it would be done soon, and I still couldn't finish it. There won't be any guesses about the next part's release, as I thought I had given myself enough time with this, and it turned out wrong. It would have been right if I had worked on it every day of my life, but I couldn't.

There is no need to check the blog every 2 hours, I'm working on it now and there are still things to add and test, so it won't be released for at least 2 days.