Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Campaign in preparation

Long time no announcement, I've been waiting for the artists (yay, I work with artists!) Things are starting to move quickly.

Here are some sample graphics for the game. Do tell me if they're not handsome and if they need to be edited!

I'm preparing for a fundraising campaign and have even auditioned some voice actors, so now Raze and Orchid have voices, at least for the campaign material. When the campaign starts, I'll make a new post here. The goals are to raise money to keep paying the graphic artists and hopefully have the game voiced, and to raise awareness of the game.

If someone wants to volunteer for voice acting, you're welcome to, as long as you can record noise free.

Thank you to those who already donated through the "coffee" button, it will be remembered :)

Before you agree to support anything, I have to say the game will not be the same as the modules.

It won't be a sex game. Now the 72% of you who said you wouldn't play this if it had no sex can give up on me. xD I haven't decided if there will be blackout sex, illustrated but only the decent parts, or none at all, but if any exists, it can only be with the main characters, and I can't even promise that much.

The Apocalypse plot will not be there. Maybe in a sequel. The game will mostly be about Orchid, Raze and Rivera. It's not like I can easily finish the module content and package it in the game. That means the game will be shorter than all the modules combined were supposed to be. It will have all the familiar places, but I'm not just copy-pasting, either. Expect some unexpected turns. And an ending.

Some characters will change personalities or appearance. Arana is getting a name change because I've grown to dislike her name.

Lastly, I'd say the first half of the game is mostly written (it took 3-4 months), and for my part, I will be able to finish the content, because this time I did not design a world ending story.