Monday, October 21, 2013

Still working on it

As I posted on the download page of C1, I'm preparing to update it with the following changes:

  • Gaining a small XP bonus for successful use of stealth. 
  • An extra choice for those who hated a certain companion. 
  • Some minor variables that I forgot to track. 
  • Anything else I might come up with after replaying.

  • But I'd rather do that when C2 is finished, when I have a clearer picture of things.

    For now, here are some screenshots made while I was making and testing stuff. These are just characters posing for the camera.

    Sinallion got persuaded into helping the DH girl with something

    Perfect enemies (awww)

    P. S. I saw that Celeritas Eos (beta) is available for download.