Sunday, August 25, 2013

Progress on Chapter 2

It seems like Chapter 2 will have more content and take more work to finish, but it might also be shorter than the previous module. How is this possible? I'm not even sure. It's catching up on C1 in word count, and the conversations aren't even finished yet. (Though some of these conversations will find themselves in the next module or deleted.)

There are PC-initiated conversations that you are only supposed to start if you feel they are in character (like telling your "friends" about your personal fortune reading, or a dream), but it would be a pity not to see what the NPCs have to say, so there shouldn't be any terrible consequences if you tell them too much.

BTW, I caught myself writing "doom" in the oracle's conversation in the end... I replaced it with "death", which should be slightly less cliche. Right? -.-

Random screenshot...