Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The development process...

Here are some things I've learned while developing DH, in all its forms.

Production always takes about 3x longer than I hope.

I am the worst critic of my work and tend to forget the good sides of it. I just forget what I wrote, and when enough time has passed, I play and go like, "Hey, when did I write this? This is funny. Maybe it's not so bad after all O.o "

When I feel like something isn't right with the planned plot, I can't write anything. I can't admit to myself that the plot is wrong - I just get a writer's block.

I tend to get stuck halfway when trying to create a game with a huge plot. I remember how I first split the story in halves, and then split the first half into chapters 1 and 2, because as I worked on them, it became clear that chapter 1 is finished, while chapter 2 is nowhere near so. Likewise, I have now finished the first half of what I thought would make it into the game, and was totally panicked about the second half. So, the solution that has worked so far is to cut the part I'm having problems with. Then I have an almost finished game, as opposed to a huge mess!

Thinking about pleasing everyone definitely gets me stuck. I have to pick one way of doing things and stick with it, and it will be good enough to someone, somewhere.

The current state of the game content:

The game will be shorter than we all hoped, but finished, in a way. There's not enough time to go anywhere meaningful with Brash, and a relationship with Ari/Arana just doesn't fit (that's what had me stuck for so long - I literally have the game finished all AROUND the parts where she appears). But at least Raze will get an ending. :D Which doesn't have to be the end of it in case there is a sequel. But a sequel is optional.

You will be seeing more of the guys from the camp.

Raze will start talking in your head from the beginning.

The number of characters is limited, it's all about the major ones.

The ending will be content that has been planned for a long time and never published.

I'm looking into making fancy alternative endings if you play the 2nd+ time.

This is the wench who's been giving me so much trouble! (Ari) Now don't ask for more content with her, I'm going insane. xD