Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Working on Chapter 2

After evaluating what needs to be done for the next module and what is already done, I have come to the conclusion that there is a LOT of work left. I'm going to have to slave away on this thing if I want it done in a few months (it's safe to assume that it will take another 2 months to release it after I deem it "almost done"). Some things that I wanted to stuff in Ravage but are around 0% completed, I will have to move to another city, and even so, there is a lot to do for what seems like a short module.

Back when I thought about releasing chapters 1&2 together, I guess C2 was supposed to have less content. It definitely takes more than a year for me to finish making one of these chapters if I start from nothing, but a lot of things are already half-done, so the wait for C2 shouldn't be *that* big, but then again, who knows.

Not to ask for any Valine comparison, but I always found it fascinating how she made those huge modules in less than a lifetime. o.o I wouldn't want to make any big updates content-wise, unless it's something I've written before and forgotten to add in.

I also want to play other modules, but feel like it's no time to play when I should be creating.

Now, if I keep posting spoilers, there will be nothing left in C2 to see, so no screenshot. :)


  1. Awww! No screenshot :( I can't make any wildly inaccurate predictions ;)

    Hell, making any mod on the Toolset requires superhuman amounts of patience and organisation.
    I've poked around in there a few times in the vague hope of maybe starting a module myself but quickly get overwhelmed by how much detail goes into the simplest of things (scripting- aaargh!). So kudos and thanks to you, Valine and all the other mod-makers out there- I'm amazed at how you can make these wonderful mods in less than eternity!

    Don't worry about setting deadlines- we will wait! Have fun playing and take breaks to enjoy other people's stuff and recharge your batteries :D

  2. no hurry, im just hoping chapter 2 is out by christmas :D

  3. I hate posting this on here since it feels like spam (since it's not exactly related to chapter 2), but I cannot find a way to directly contact Lamb about this issue and so far have gotten no help from the vault or anywhere else I've asked about it.

    I'm experiencing a problem where I can't play Demonheart's prologue with a new character. I will try to make a new character and it will start loading, but then NWN itself crashes when it's 1/3 loaded, basically rendering me unable to play a new game of Demonheart's prologue. I've tried to select a premade character as well and the issue still happens, but I can load my saved games from the prologue fine! I've redownloaded the prologue and all files associated with it multiple times now, and nothing is fixing this issue, and I've seen no one else having this issue, so I'm just wondering what exactly is going on.

    I haven't tested if this issue happens with Chapter 1 (I probably should), but even if it didn't, I don't want to start in Chapter 1 since there are a few choices you can take in the prologue that I don't want to skip.

    Also, I have tested every other module I own (at least 10 or so) to see if this wasn't an isolated issue, but it seems to be, as I could make a new character on every other module I have.

    Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated, as it's saddening that I cannot replay the prologue anymore! :(

    1. I can only guess why something like that would happen, as I'm no expert in the game engine.

      It looks like your old saves are from an older version of the module, and the whole module is saved with your saved game. As to why the new version wouldn't work, I don't know. I suppose your game is patched to 1.69 and override is empty? Maybe one of the files I put up for download are corrupt (but why aren't more people reporting it)? Did you download from the old vault or the new?

    2. Yes, game is patched to 1.69 and override has been emptied in an attempt to fix whatever the problem is. Still running into it.

      I downloaded the new files for your latest version of the Prologue from the old vault. Do you think I should try to get it from the new vault instead?

      Thank you for the response, Lamb! I've also attempted what someone else suggested, to check the log file after the game crashes while trying to start the Prologue, and it sadly doesn't give me any information whatsoever about why it crashed. But thank you for your suggestion! I'm going to keep checking the log every once in a while when I try to start it again, hopefully it'll tell me what's going on at some point.

    3. No, the files should be most up to date on the old vault. Since more people download there, those should be more reliable (I've had some corrupt archives on the new vault earlier).

  4. Not a fix- but if you start chapter 1 with a new character you can pick most of the variables for the choices made in the Prologue.

    In the Neverwinter folder, where you put new modules and such, is a folder named logs. There should be an error log in there (there should be around four text files, check them all just in case). You might need to try starting the module, closing the game and then check the logs. The log might be helpful in narrowing the problem down (and then beating it with a stick).

  5. Dear Lamb,
    I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying Demonheart. I'm currently in the process of finding my way out of Garden Five. As one of the team who's developing a persistent world module with a few others, I understand completely what it must feel like to handle such an amibitious project alone. For a while, I had to go it solo on the previous PW I helped at. Every compliment and feedback counts especially when you're investing this much time to tell a story you really want to tell to others.

    I've played Valine's A Dance with Rogues and while it's unfair to compare two different creations, I must say that I enjoyed yours on a deeper level. There are times that I wished the Prologue could have been longer and more detailed to build up a much richer background for the protagonist and the world of Feline before everything begins its spiral into oblivion. Surely, if I had the time, I would have loved to make an offer of help. I am no scripter however; my main strength is in designing and building areas.

    I look very much forward to the rest of this story and I sincerely hope you will treat us to a very grand finale - a few more chapters ahead. :)

    Much love and thanks,
    - Kilaana