Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Demonheart: Hunters - In The Making

After the first Demonheart game which was a visual novel, I'm going back to the RPG roots with a look resembling my favorite game of all time, Baldur's Gate. Well, I can hope, but anyway. The next game is called Demonheart: Hunters and it starts in Ravage. It has a coming soon page on Steam, so you can wishlist it here. It will most likely be on itch.io as well.

Both Demonheart games have stories slightly different from the modules, with some of the same characters.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Demonheart available as a visual novel

As announced around a year ago here, I've converted Demonheart into a standalone game. It's available on Steam and itch.io.

The visual novel is NOT an adult game. There is NO SEX. 
Please read the store page before making a decision. Sex games actually put the sexy scenes right on their store page.

For everyone coming after playing the modules, the visual novel is an alternate universe. It begins before the player got acquainted with Orchid and deals with the Orchid/Raze + Rivera storylines. Some of the content you've already seen, but most has been rewritten. You can see on the game pages what it is and what it isn't (everything that is not shown, you can assume the game does not contain).

Social links for this and future Demonheart games: Facebook and Twitter. There is also a web page here.

I'll be working on another Demonheart-themed game in the future, most likely a direct sequel!