Saturday, July 6, 2013

Call for Help :)

I've been working on the character relationships in the modules and decided that I need to play Chapter 1 with at least 3 different characters now (I'm testing my bug corrections)... and it might take a while and still not be enough information. I've played the module many times and don't find it quite as fun anymore. :/

As you may know, I would like to be able to predict whether your character liked an NPC from those variables tracked, so a non-rapist character could decide to make a move on PC or not. I don't know if it's going to work or if I should even try, since my main character would be playing hard to get all the time. Still, I am interested in those variable values.

So, I'll ask you to mail me your characters exported from the end of Chapter 1, if you want. They are in the folder localvault and you probably have more than one character with the same name, since the game automatically saves them when you create them, so try to send me the right ones or all of them, and I'll figure it out. Send a description including the character's name (if you send more than one) and how she felt about Brash, Arana and Raze. (Liked someone, but she was shy? Liked someone and tried to jump all over him/her? Was she respectful or rude to them?) Then I can take those characters and extract their variables from their special inventory item, which I hope saved correctly. o.O

demonheartlamb @ gmail . com  (without spaces)

By the way, I have been working on chapters 1, 2 and 3, a little bit of each.


  1. Hey would love to help, atm I have charaters that are opesit and one who is going to be a mix. How long do we have to send the files?

    1. I will say if I've had enough. Now I have to check if I can read the variables (tested it before release, but I'm paranoid).

  2. Just replaying through your new(ish) update for you. As soon as I'm done I'll send them over to you. :D

  3. I replayed with one character and found some things to fix. Will try to update the module in the following couple of days. If I don't get out of my newfound/newly made bugs by then, it will be in a few weeks, because I'm going on a holiday. (I always bring my stuff with me, though, just wouldn't be able to play and debug from my crappy laptop).

    So far, comparing the variables to what people say their characters thought is fun and confusing.

    It's obvious enough with Brash (and no one has a positive Obedience score, haha...), and it looks like everyone was nice to Arana (unless they killed her), so there's nothing to compare. :( Raze's variables are all upside down and don't tell me anything useful, but it's a start. :D

  4. Whoa~It seems my character adds some new traits~:)

    Can't wait to see how these variables affect the play in the following sequential~!

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