Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Updated Chapter 1

I uploaded the new version to the old vault (tried to update on the new vault too, but was having connectivity problems).

It's on the same address, just without the "beta" in its name when you open it. v1.00: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Modules.Detail&id=6392  (The changes are listed in a txt file there.)

* Old beta version 0.767 is still here: http://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/module/demonheart-chapter-i

It would be nice if someone confirmed that the module v1.00 is playable. It requires an updated hak from the haks page, so take care. I played 2 days ago, but have made new changes since and only partially tested (it turns out I am a slowpoke, I need more than 5 hours for the entire module o.O).

I'm preparing for a holiday and won't be updating in a while.

I probably couldn't remember to list everything. There isn't any special new content, only that some things that didn't work before should now work, and the characters sometimes say something slightly different (you'd need a looking glass to find it, except Raze probably says 3 whole new sentences :P).

Edit: The variables on the exported characters are working, so I'll be taking the information received until now with me on holiday to study in detail. o.O


  1. I just started to play though with another character, so will probably go ahead and just start with your updated module instead. I'll play it through and send you the character(s) when I'm done. Thanks for the updating! And enjoy your holidays.

  2. I'll do the same as Mena :)

    As for the bug with the healing potions not working for the one player it's probably because they need to install the Critical Rebuild in their game. I had the same problem with all custom useables when I installed the Diamond edition on my new laptop and the Rebuild fixed it :D Hope that helped!

    Have a good time on your holidays!

    1. Oh, forgot to add the link for the Rebuild is here:


    2. And I just saw that you recommended that already....

      *Jedi mind trick wave* Carry on, nothing to see here

    3. I changed the txt file after you told me. :)

  3. I made another small update, only dialogs.

  4. Looks like some of the files on the new vault (dhlamb_music_c1.rar and dhlamb_plc1_1.rar) got mangled by the connectivity problems you mentioned. You might want to re-upload them.

  5. I just finished my first playthrough of Chapter 1. Two comments immediately spring to mind:

    *** Potential Spoilers ahead ***

    First, at the Watcher's lodge before going to sleep Brash mentions something like I can do whatever I want, including fucking the rangers, and he does not care. Now my first thought was to do just that to spite him, but when I go up the stairs no such option presents itself.

    Second, after seeing the scene in the lowest level of the forest folk lair I was wondering - far fetched as it may seem - if there's the possibility to add a scene where our heroine gets it on with some forest folk. Likely she'd have to get rid of Brash's company for a bit for that to work out, though. Far fetched, I know...

    1. These are valid suggestions, and I like receiving suggestions, but I can't (or won't) allow all the choices a real person could make.

      The watchers are too drained and tired, and probably too nice to have sex with her. Even if they wanted to, they would back off at the slightest doubt that it would bring an angry Sir Brash at their necks (which it might, since Brash was only trying to convince himself that he didn't care). Trying to imagine how she could have sex with either of them, she'd probably have to corner and dominate them. More blowjobs? I don't know...

      No getting it on with any hyenas yet. The beginning is more virgin-oriented, and I didn't want her to lose it with them. And Brash would be fighting to find her and stuff.

      This piece of work is what it is. I can't claim with certainty how many sexual encounters there are going to be later, though some were planned, but it wasn't supposed to rival ADWR, much less real life. :)

    2. You have valid points there, and i won't try to argue them any more. Don't sell yourself short, though, there is still the potential to come close to ADWR, surpass it even. :)

      *** More Spoilers ***

      Is there any way to avoid getting dicked by Brash right before his betrayal? If not, will there be a satisfying revenge option later? Carving around in his chest without lasting consequences does not count. :)

    3. Oh, and before I forget... There was one bug I encountered.

      I played the prelude and Chapter 1 in one go, with the same character. However when I started Chapter 1 I was told my character did not have the necessary variables set, and I had to manually select the key decisions from the prelude.

      I tried again more than once, always with the same result, until I checked in the toolset and noticed there is no script at all registered for that conversation option, so it will fire always (unless one of the higher priority ones - Debug Mode or illegal character - take precedence).

    4. There is an OnEnter script for that area and if all is right with the character, it should take her straight to Rose without letting you talk to the big hand.

      Now I'm wondering what happened there, and did this happen to everyone and they thought it was normal? :D (Though I guess it didn't happen to me? But I haven't played the current version of the prelude and C1 in one go.)

      ** Brash Spoiler **

      I think the poor guy doesn't need your revenge on top of everything else, but since I like torturing everyone, there has to be something. "The scene" in C1 is inevitable, we have to handle those virgins.

  6. Hello, Lamb :)

    I've got a problem with updated Chapter I (I didn't encounter this problem in beta version). In my charname dreams (before she wakes up in Rivera's Dungeon) I've got an error: script desc_heartbeat, OID: 80000000, TAG:, ERROR: divide by zero. If I remember correctly I should be able to see what Rivera and Arana talk about my demonheart. But when she wokes up in Rivera's Dungeon only this error shows up - not Raze :< So now I'm stuck in this game. Any ideas?

    1. Ow. That happened to me in seemingly random areas when I loaded a saved game, but only some of the time. When I tried to debug it, to test which function exactly has this "division by zero", I couldn't get it to give me the error message again! I will have to test it some more, unless this is some weird kind of game bug, because I can't seem to find any kind of suspicious division anywhere (but then again, it makes more sense that the error is mine).

      Raze's arrival is probably in that script, and it gets stuck before reaching that part. So you should reload if you have an earlier save :( I'm sorry.

    2. I WAS WRONG!

      It all makes sense now, thinking of the areas where something similar happened to me before. Reloading as it is won't help, but I have a fix for you, if it's not too late and if you have a save (the one where Raze didn't appear could also possibly work). If you overwrite one of the HAKS with a hak in which I've packed an updated script "desc_heartbeat", it should work. Extract and put in hak folder, instead of the old file:

    3. Reloading really didn't work - but this fix - yes! Thank you so much, Lamb! I mean it! :*