Saturday, March 25, 2017

Demonheart available as a visual novel

As announced around a year ago here, I've converted Demonheart into a standalone game. It will be coming out in 5 short chapters, on Steam and

The visual novel is NOT an adult game. There is NO SEX. 
Please read the store page before making a decision. Sex games actually put the sexy scenes right on their store page.

Currently available:
Chapter 1 - Descension
Chapter 2 - Reverie
Chapter 3 - Deception
Chapter 4 - Inferno

For everyone coming after playing the modules, the visual novel is an alternate universe. It begins before the player got acquainted with Orchid and deals with the Orchid/Raze + Rivera storylines. Some of the content you've already seen, but most has been rewritten. You can see on the game pages what it is and what it isn't (everything that is not shown, you can assume the game does not contain).

There is also a web page here. I'm not sure yet if and where I'll keep a development blog for the new game, but I'll link it if I make one.


  1. I'm proud of how far you've come and changed the game...but I have to say. I miss the nwn mod, it had an immersion that a visual novel just doesn't have. One being getting to create your own character and decide more in your head how they came to be in the situation. Keep doing what your doing and I hope it all works out well for you.

  2. Update: Chapter 2 has been added to the game builds.

  3. Great chapter and some rather large changes compared to the mod. Love having a proper party and look forward to what it will bring even if I suspect it will not end well.

    I do miss the darkness and feeling of dread that the mod could deliver due to not holding back.
    Still the mood is great and probably with a strong impact for first timers. It is also nice though to not feel drained after playing as I'd do from the mod.

    Had a voice line from Brash that seem'd out of place, same one as in act 1 prison I think. But I failed to find it on a second playtrough so not sure if it was a bug or just my mind playing tricks on me.

  4. Hello, I would like to point out a few bugs i noticed.
    In the second chapter I had shadow characters stay in place. Also when i see Mark again in the second chapter he says hello bright nice to see you in the nobles district. And the voice overs in the second chapter do not seem to work well. The first time i played there were hardly any, the second time around playing chapter two I heard voice overs from Raze, Brash and Jarlan, the third time around i didn't hear anything from them.

  5. Thanks for the reports!

    I found the source of the voice bug. It was a pretty bad bug, I'm surprised more people didn't report it. That's what happens when I'm testing with a sleeping kid in the room and sound turned off. Actually, there was no issue when you started C2 separately. That's why I think more people didn't notice.

    Character model bugs are more difficult to test, but I made a possible fix for the shadows remaining when the characters disappear. These 2 fixes are in v1.26, just published.

  6. I seriously love the novel to bits. Thank you so much for continuing the story. Still miss the modules and the ability to fight and freedom of exploration, but there are so many choices+conversations that fully make up for these things.
    Bought and supported! Thank you :)

  7. News!

    I added Chapter 3 to the secret project page on for the early access backers:

    Chapter 3 will be in the official build on August 21, evening Europe time.

  8. I loved Chapter 3! At first I was really unsure about the voice acting, but at this point I'm craving for more. I'd love to listen to Raze and Brash all day long... You've worked so hard for this and it shows, so excited to see where this will take you. Thank you so much for this amazing VN!

    Do the voice actors have any websites to follow their work? You've found a talented bunch. I do some voice acting myself and I'd be overjoyed to help you in any way I can.

    1. Steven Kelly (Raze) has this youtube channel

      Jonathan Cooke (Brash), I know his Facebook and Twitter:

      Actually, Jonathan first auditioned for the role of Raze in the trailer video, and was almost chosen for the role... but I thought he'd be better as Brash. A year later, when more of the game was ready, I asked him to be Brash, he accepted and it was amazing. :D In the meantime, the first actor who played Raze became unavailable, so we made another audition and got the best Raze yet. But it's fun to think how different it could have been and that Raze almost got to be Brash... or the other way around.

      Some more female voice actors will be needed for the last 2 chapters, and probably 1 male. Volunteers can mail me. :D I've always wanted to be Rivera myself, but maybe it's better left to a professional.

  9. Chapter 3 was so amazing!! I don't have the words, my poor little fan girl heart almost couldn't take all the Brash and Raze goodness. I'm so excited for how this has turned out and I can't wait for more.

    P.S. Totally back you being Rivera. That would be such a great cameo :)

  10. I have an oversight in Chapter 3 to report.
    In the picture shown after talking about neck scar in abandoned tower, Bright doesn´t have the undetachable amulet.(Or is it on purpose?)
    Anyway, what a great gem of game you created! I am left in anticipation for next chapter :)

    1. Fixed! That was an oversight, thanks for reporting. Though it was a scene Raze wasn't welcome to spy on xD

  11. Just got home from vacation and the first thing on my to do list was chapter 3.
    I feel it get's harder and harder to wait for the next chapter the further into the story we get.
    Seem like it will be hell to wrap everything up decently in just two more parts. Also my wallet is ready for another fund raiser now. ^^

  12. Chapter 4 added! Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate!

  13. Chapter 4 was great and with that ending I can't wait for the next. Also oddly I like Raze even more now!

    Did you change/add things in chapter 3 or did I just get that different results when I ran trough it all again for the latest release?

    1. I changed very little in Chapter 3. You probably saw some alternate route that was already there :D