Saturday, March 4, 2017

Coming Soon

The Steam store page for DH the visual novel just came out. I set the release date for March 24, in case anything with the review process goes wrong. :D We will release on Steam and at the same time.

For certain Steam reasons, I will have to stick to only one purchase option, and that will be the whole game. That means the chapters will not be sold separately. The game will contain Chapter 1 and be updated with the other chapters, or they will be added as free DLC. release will have to be the same as Steam.

Thanks for following!


  1. Yay! Was super excited to receive the Steam key for testing purposes before the official release. I booted the game up on Steam and it all looks/sounds good, but I'm experiencing a bit of problem with the dialogue text.

    It's a bit hard to explain but basically I'll hit "new game/chapter", and after the "Descension" title appears, I have to click to prompt the next bit of dialogue.

    Orchid's VA will play with the "Crying Woman" subheader but no actual dialogue will appear beneath the name. When I click again, you see a very quick glimpse of the spoken dialogue text but it only flashes briefly before disappearing. If I click again, same thing happens with the next line of dialogue. Nothing will happen or appear until I click, then when I do, the dialogue appears only for an instant before disappearing, too quickly to read. This continued up until the first scene in Bright's home but I haven't tested to see if the issue persists past this beginning part.

    Are the dialogue executions timed and I'm clicking too quickly or is this a bug of some sort? I thought I would bring it to your attention just in case. Sorry if I'm being dumb and just missing something! D:

    1. Oh my, that sounds bad. :D

      I assume this is happening on default settings, text speed is "medium"? Does it stop if you set the speed to "instant"?

      Did you play the non-steam version and this didn't happen?

      And are characters animated for you?

    2. Also, your OS and system specs?

      I'll try to fix this and update the game, but right now I can't reproduce this behavior.

    3. D'oh, I didn't even think to check the settings for any text speed changing. *facepalm* Switching it to "instant" seems to have cleared my problem up for me, thanks Lamb :D

    4. Anyway, this bug is unacceptable and I tried to fix it in the new version (uploaded today).

      If you can, please update the game and test the non-instant speeds again. I suspect there will still be no text animation, but I'd like to know if it always appears instantly or with a delay.

  2. Congratulations on getting the first chapter out!

  3. Hello! Just wanted to say that your works are just splendid! I love the visual novel and now I'm downloading the nwn series you made. I kinda have your same likings in videogames and I'm studying to make vidogames like these, you're a grat inspiration for me!

    And that's it, just wanted to say I love your work and I'm waiting impatiently for Demonheart 2!

    P.s. I'm in LOVE with Brash, God help me.