Monday, January 7, 2013


OK, it's out on Neverwinter Vault now. Link of Doom

While I may be obsessive-compulsive when it comes to my modules, there might still be bugs or not-very-smart NPC behaviors, so be nice...


The module comes with an intro movie and a ReadMe concerning the whole series. Since it's not entirely certain what quests we might come up with for the other modules, the skill recommendations in the ReadMe are the best I could do for now.

Debugging the prelude was more work than the small module is worth. :D I can only hope the following modules won't be more work than that, because I added some needlessly complicated things to the prelude (like the game has to keep an account of what Bold is doing, whether prisoners are released, did you fail Thayn's quest *after finishing* Thayn's quest...). It's also heavily scripted, so don't run around too much.

Always accepting bug reports.

You need to play on a computer that won't suffer in placeable-heavy and creature-heavy areas.

CEP 2.3/2.4 is needed to play.

Don't forget to read the ReadMe, at least the parts about character creation and known issues.


  1. Maybe I did something wrong, but I cannot select the bard class as it is greyed out. I've downloaded all the files for your mod on the vault plus CEP 2.4. Maybe someone else is having a similar problem. I will try one of the other classes, though I was looking forward to trying out your modified bard. Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Ah, I see what I did. I'll upload the corrected haks.

  2. Wow, I'm really impressed with the quality of your work, if the other chatpers are half as good, I can't wait.

  3. Lamb, will your mod be added back on the vault?

    1. Waiting for Rolo Kipp to appear. I've had problems with uploading files from the start, but this time it pretended to update itself, but instead got deleted. (Rude.)

  4. Hey!

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your prelude and am looking forward to playing the other chapters! Thank you for all the hard work you've put in- it shows!

    I did run into a bug though; after the cutscene in Ravage the screen faded to black and my PC was stuck in Ravage instead of going back to the prison. I managed to overcome it by reloading and putting my PC into Godmode so I think it has something to do with the domination script used to immobilise the PC...or maybe she just likes being dominated too much? ;)

    1. The domination was added instead of cutscene mode, due to camera disobedience. If I knew the camera was now obedient, I'd change it back to simple cutscene mode, but I wouldn't want to force some players to watch the rat and the area edge in that cutscene. :) The domination is supposed to be temporary.

      Uh, what's this with scripts executing their commands selectively? It must be my fault, but that's in the area of experienced NWN scripting, and I can only work on a "it works/doesn't work on my computer" level.

    2. At first with the blackout and the rat squeaking I wondered if it was your obscure way of showing how much time had passed in the prison! :D Took me about five minutes to realise- Duh!

      I'm terrible with scripting- I did have a look to see if I could spot why but I couldn't see anything wrong with it. No one else has reported it as a problem so I'm thinking it must just be my computer :)

  5. Ah! Fixed it. :D

    Added the following to lines 155 and 156 respectively;

    //remove domination
    RemoveEffect (oPC, EffectCutsceneDominated());

    Not sure whether it'd be worth adding if it's just me with the problem but hope it helped!

    1. It's already applied with "duration type temporary" to last for around 78 seconds, which should be shorter than the cutscene itself. I now reduced the duration a little, even though she's supposed to jump a few seconds after it's over.

      Does it always happen when you play?

      I won't be updating in a while to avoid more accidents (like when the module file disappeared from downloads). I don't know what happened in your case, did the domination really persist or did the script skip jumping for some reason, or the PC's action queue somehow changed. I'll add ClearAllActions before the jump to be safer.

    2. Yep, every time. I'm going to take it as a sign I need a new computer ;)

      Didn't think of the ClearAllActions route! Will give it a test whenever the Vault lets you reupload.

      But thank you once again- it's a great mod! Can't wait for the others :D

    3. If you're opening scripts, find (around line 56)

      DelayCommand(2.2f, ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, eDomi, oPC, nDur-2.0));

      and replace with

      DelayCommand(2.2f, ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, eDomi, oPC, nDur-4.0));

      (same thing, just replace 2 with 4 at the end)

      and at the end of the script add:

      DelayCommand(nDur+1.5f, AssignCommand(oPC, ClearAllActions()));

      before this

      DelayCommand(nDur+3.0f, AssignCommand(oPC, ActionJumpToObject(oPCsEndDestination)));

      Then you'd need to start a new module, reloading won't make it see the changes. Could put the start position in PC's prison cell, on that trigger, to skip the beginning.

      You don't have to do it or hurry, I'm just saying, since you're the only person who reported this.

  6. Thanks! Will give it a try at the weekend...even just messing around with a few lines in the toolset makes me appreciate just how much effort authors put into making these modules @.@

  7. Huh... I somehow completely missed that this had been released. I assumed you wanted people to test the classes BEFORE you released the prelude. Think I'll give it a go. Part of me wants to wait for a more substantial release, but it'll be a bit like a demo, I figure.

    1. Alright, I tried the prelude. Short, but it did give a taste of your writing style and stuff.

      Your narration isn't bad, but at the moment I did skim a bit of it and had to force myself not to skip through too fast and mess up any scripts. I think that is mainly because this is all set up though and I am more eager to get to the action.

      The scene in the underworld or whatever, after the execution, was very creepy. I am easy to creep out, but I got a similar vibe I got from Doom 3, though on a lesser scale. It actually felt, you know, a little evil, or whatever. Well done! I wouldn't expect such a thing from such an old engine. I doubt anyone except me will be so easily affected though, lol.

      Went a rogue 'cause I love mah skill points. :)

    2. The prelude is scripts on top of scripts, but I'm not sure conversations will be much more free later. I like to make the characters do some animations and stuff. Unless it makes my life too difficult.

  8. This is simply amazing. I had a riot and I can't wait for the rest! Thank you so much for giving me a really fun evening!

    Also, I'd like a recommendation if you wouldn't mind, I did two run-throughs, one where I killed the girl in the prison, and then resisted Thayn, one where I didn't kill her. What do you think will be more interesting down the line, or can you not say? All in all, just incredible, the most polished and fun game I've played in a long while.

    Thank you so much.

    1. If you met Thayn, you'll get some different conversation lines from chapter 2 on, in Thayn-related conversations, and also with your demonspawn companion (he should be especially jealous if you tell him you sat on Thayn's leg). At least that's how I planned it. Thayn would probably remember if you wanted him, but he isn't easy to get at all. As he probably told you, he's not on your side. :D

  9. Finally managed to play this mod since I had the same problem as Reivan on my poor little netbook (and my big bad laptop can't run NWN smoothly on account of Win 8). It's intriguing and well written prologue, and it certainly left me wanting more. I like the low fantasy feel. But here are some notes and critiques:
    - The execution and headless areas were the most script/effects/placables/whatever heavy areas in any NWN mod I played, they slowed down my game considerably. But of course I can't expect you to cater to my low end machine.
    - One thing I found lacking is some initial "quest", so that you can refer to journal for some info about what is happening.
    - Also some little freedom of exploration at the very beginning would be good, rather than jumping from one house to another. Railroading players with cutscenes is OK if it's needed, but there should be some freedom between. Basically I would like to meet the neighborhood and get the feel of the setting before getting dragged into the plot.
    - First person narration in dialogues, and especially answers, seemed odd to me, that's just personal preference I guess. But it would be nice to have it color codded to differentiate it from the rest of the text.
    - I remember some talk about scars in one of the blog posts, please point me to it or remind me how to get rid of them, since my char managed to earn one in the prison.

    Anyway, congratulations on the release, nice intro to what I'm sure will be great mod series.

    1. I thought about providing journal entries in the beginning to at least be able to track where you're going, but the thought got lost while doing other things.

      I have more work than I initially planned with the whole series, so I decided against spending time on creating a neighborhood that you will never see again. The module used to start in Orchid's house, but I added the intro in PC's home and the talk with mother after Thirdpres also said that things were happening too fast.

      First person narration was "inspired" by A Dance with rogues. I realized I was more comfortable with that way of writing. I don't like color coding, though. :/ If too many people complain, I guess I'll have to do it, but right now, adding it everywhere would be a nightmare.

      Scars, I figure some people might want to see the different NPC reactions when you have them, but it's difficult to give them only to those who want them, right... They were added after a discussion here about making players care whether their character dies. I should make a cure for scars and have some NPCs sell it, to avoid telling people they will have to reload.

      Hvala ^.^

    2. There is first person narration in other games, so I realized what bugs me is the style of answers. I'm used to e.g. "Poke him in the eye" (usually in some sort of brackets), instead of "I poke him in the eye". Bud certainly don't change your writing style on account of me.

      As for scars, I'm certainly the type to avoid death of my characters (I hate to use raise dead type spells in RPGs), but completing the prison quest with a straight-out bare-breasted catfight seemed too fun to pass on, and that got the attention of the guard who easily killed my unarmed unarmored character. There are certainly more elegant and safer ways to finish the quest. But scars are certainly interesting mechanic. I remember Arcanum had something similar. You could get scared in fights, and IIRC people would react to it, and they wouldn't go away by applying curative magic, potions or healing salves. But you can go to healers to remove them, and if you have enough ranks in heal skill you could remove them yourself. I think you should implement something like that in your mod.

      Još jednom svaka čast na modu, i veliki pozdrav :)

  10. Nice prelude,, many thanks,, now waiting for more :p

    Good luck

  11. Awwww, so no Monk class after all.