Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 2 of January

I haven't done much apart from trying to fix some issues in the prelude and separating the first chapter from the second. As you may know, the first two chapters were supposed to be released together, but the prelude gave me a taste of what testing will be like, so I changed my mind.

Chapter 1 will for the most part take place in the Golden Forest with Sir Brash and "friends". That means there will be no sexy sailors that I've been promising - they're waiting for you in Ravage.

Nothing new. Sir Brash's stats are subject to change.


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    1. Like applying lotion to someone's legs >.> which someone previously beat up

  2. GAH! Stop posting screenshots of smexy evil son oh b Brash! You're killing me!

    (stops to consider what she just said)


    1. I know how you feel <3 he's one evil bastard

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    1. Wanted to upload a screenshot I took earlier, but I changed computers and I'm feeling too lazy to switch on the old one... -.-

      What can I tell about the first chapter that won't be a spoiler?

  4. Dunno.


    I'll have to think about that.


  5. Waiting for this mod is murder... I come here... every... day...

    (cries) WHY THERE NO GOOD MODS?!?!

    No seriously though, the prologue was the best game I've played in a really, really long time. I can't wait for this... but I have to... months... bahahahaa...

    1. OMG! I do too! I seriously cry the same thing I keep looking online everywhere for good mods, and I wish the would be done like now!! I'm waiting on this Mod and Gladiatrix and Celeritas Eos all of them coming out in March!

      (Banging my head on keyboard)

  6. Ohh, then you will have other good mods to play in March and I can take my time :D

    No, really, I'm busy with real life at the moment. I am a student...

    I said March/April because I suspect it will be done by then, considering my usual speed. It's Thirdpres's fault, confusing me by inventing this camp content for the first chapter. :P Now I have to script it and invent some alternate paths and ways to still give the player freedom. I'm not sure how smart it is to make the first chapter longer because it isn't about heart eating or demons (not much). But some things make more sense this way. Uh...

    1. I understand how busy being a student is, I am too, please take your time and make it exactly how you want it to be, just wish I had something else to play in my spare time lol
      Your Prelude was great, and it makes me ready for the next parts that's all :D your doing a great job keep it up!

    2. I figured it was all Thirdpres's fault. He's not as innocent as he looks. ;)

      I also understand it's tough being a student and working and trying to find time for other projects. Obviously your schoolwork should take the top priority. And I guess we will have some NWN modules to play in the meantime. Unless those other authors also give that flimsy school excuse. ;)

      Sir Brash will just have to wait a little bit longer to have his way with my character. :P

      Seriously though, good luck with school! And thanks for the updates and your continued work on this fine module!

  7. Oh my please take all the time you need! I was just expressing how much I'm looking forward to this, I probably should have made that clearer! I'm a student to and it can be very consuming. Don't burn yourself out!

  8. Thought I would share this with you and everyone else, it's a great She Demon portrait for NWN I think, hope you all enjoy :)