Monday, October 21, 2013

Still working on it

As I posted on the download page of C1, I'm preparing to update it with the following changes:

  • Gaining a small XP bonus for successful use of stealth. 
  • An extra choice for those who hated a certain companion. 
  • Some minor variables that I forgot to track. 
  • Anything else I might come up with after replaying.

  • But I'd rather do that when C2 is finished, when I have a clearer picture of things.

    For now, here are some screenshots made while I was making and testing stuff. These are just characters posing for the camera.

    Sinallion got persuaded into helping the DH girl with something

    Perfect enemies (awww)

    P. S. I saw that Celeritas Eos (beta) is available for download.


    1. Good to have these little updates from you. People on the net tend to get antsy whenever time goes by without word. That Celeritas Eos guy makes it really hard on himself and his followers as he switches between periods of intense activity and total silence.

      Think the CE beta is a closed one. After all this time I've decided to wait anyway. Either it'll be released and it'll be the best thing ever, or it'll become vaporware.

    2. We're still following patiently and loyally! Even having two screenshots to titillate is exciting. Thank you so much, as always! Our breath, it is bated.

    3. Damn, I just replayed the prelude, and it's a good thing I started to publish this thing in pieces, because I want to change EVERYTHING. o.O But now I won't.

      1. Out of curiosity, and if it won't spoil too much, why? Because I still love your prelude and chapter one with a passion, and find it hard to believe that there is anything seriously wrong with it.

      2. I don't remember all the things I didn't like, but here are some.

        I didn't like how Thayn talked in contractions (too many "there's", "you're"), I thought he should be more formal, since he is supposed to be ancient. I changed some of that, and as for the rest, I guess he can talk any way he wants at a given time, since he's bored.

        Also, the prison guard walked into me while I was talking to the lord, because he went to fetch the torches. He stood there in my face while I talked to the others... I played too quickly.

        Conversations were less detailed than they are now. Characters are not described at all. That is in part because I didn't want to establish an emotional connection to Rungari and the others, since they would all be gone soon. Anyway, I don't like writing descriptions, so it's even better if that's ok with people.

      3. I never even read those and I know I'm not the only one so if it is troubling you - just skip it, in the end it's only a very small part of immersion of the module :)

    4. It's good to see Brash :) And updates - I saw word count progress so I knew that you still working on it - i'll keep faith in you and this module! :)

    5. Thanks for the update! And I second the sentiment on seeing Brash again. So he makes it back to the living, eh? He really is a complicated dude! ;)

      And it's good to hear too that CE is in beta. Hopefully before too terribly much longer it will be released finally. If nothing else, it will tide us over until Chapter 2 comes out. I did see your post on The Vault. Having it a bit after Christmas would be just fine -- it will be almost like extending Christmas a little bit longer for me. :)

      Thanks again for the update! I'll probably go back and replay the Prelude and Chapter 1 myself sometime this week as well.

      1. I recommend waiting for the updated versions, but then again, what if I broke them with these new changes? :D

        Yes, I'm working on Brash now, and that guy is giving me a headache.

      2. Ok, I think I'll compromise. I am halfway done with Chapter 1. But I will hold off then on starting a new character until the revised Prelude/Chapter 1 module gets updated. I have faith you won't break them.

        Unless of course Brash makes your head hurt too much and you do wind up breaking them. ;)

    6. Hey Lamb, good to see your update. I agree with above posters, if fans doesn't see an update in a long while, they are starting to worry. We all saw several great modules, which were, sadly, abandoned by their creators. I really want your modules to succeed, so I was getting kinda anxious without any news.

      Anyway, I probably said it already, but take as much time as you like, I'm sure you'll deliver. =) Don't burn out yourself from modding. Just please keep us posted. Thanks again for your modules!

    7. Thanks for the update! Like everyone else, I just want to say it's much appreciated to know things are still moving. I don't mind the wait, I've loved what you put out so far!