Monday, September 23, 2013

Still working on Chapter 2

Since a long time has passed since my last post, I wanted to say that I'm still working on Demonheart, though I've had some delays.

Chapter 2 has to end with our heroine leaving her current location or arriving somewhere else. Initially, there was only supposed to be one way to do it, but then I decided to add an alternative (Sinallion), and recently I've been considering even more alternatives, but with the limitations of still having to meet certain characters - which means your path will be similar no matter who you work for. I don't know how this will be received, but I have to move on with the story.

Lord Rango is writing some sidequests to make the city more alive. In the meantime, I'm working on the inevitable questline (with its variations)... rather slowly.

Not everyone wants to have sex with you.


  1. Good to hear from you and glad that things are going forward! :)

  2. Lamb, give it time if you need it, we will wait for you wonderful module as long as it necessary. =)

  3. For you and your wonderful module. *
    Damn typos.

  4. Don't let the whole need for linear conditions stress you out, especially when they're downright necessary to progress the story. The core of the module -is- the story, after all, and I have to assume (I know that for me it's true!) -that- story is why so many people are in love and loyally following this module. Honestly, when it comes to how linear the Prologue and Chapter 1 were... I didn't even truthfully notice. I was so completely engaged with and enchanted by the story, itself, that I didn't even stop a moment to realize (or care!) that it was linear!

    That said, I'm sure the additional content'll be appreciated and thanks to Lord Rango for volunteering to help out with it. It'll certainly add a feeling of 'I'm out of a dungeon for once, let's roam the streets!' to her stay in Ravage, haha.

    Looking so forward to Chapter 2 and, like the person above me said, we'll continue waiting patiently and with bated breath! Always love, Lamb!

  5. I too appreciate the update! Thanks for keeping us in the loop :)

    As to the alternatives - moving the story forwards is always going to be priority number one, but it is great when the players are given different ways in which to put themselves in relation to that story, i.e. to express the motivations of their characters through slightly different dialogue and actions. From this and previous updates, it sounds like that's been your goal all along. I'm also going to daringly assume that your loyal fan-base is well enough aware of just how long it takes to build completely new content from scratch, so there are bound to be strong similarities between alternative paths. I'm sure the reception will be positive :)

    Thanks to Lord Rango for the help, too!

  6. Tnx for update Lamb,,, Damn I still have to wait :(
    But For a good mod that we wish and Know we will get, we have to Wait :p