Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vault trouble

I was going to post an update on Chapter 2, but still need a screenshot, which I will get only after scripting something in-game.

The old NWN Vault seems to be down, but there is a backup and some modules are already available at the new Vault.

My modules are also there now:
Demonheart - Prelude
Demonheart - Chapter 1 (new version, but main fight bug still there)

Please tell me if I missed uploading something.


  1. Is nwn vault gone for good? Any news on this?

    1. Going from Rolo Kipp's blogpost on the new vault I'd say it's gone for good. But they've got backups of the old vault so most of the data has been saved...

      Guess it was only a matter of time. :(

      Looking forward to the screenshots though Lamb!

  2. Some completely new talks that I wrote last week instead of studying for my finals... That's for C2 and on, I can't restrict my inspiration to only the next module and don't want to have the following parts 0% finished when their turn comes.

  3. Thanks for the new stuffage Lamb.

    The NWVault is dead, long live the NWVault.

  4. The Vault is NOT dead. Someone on their end deleted the DNS probably temporarily. You can still access it.
    Open notepad, click on File -> Open, then under File Name type: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and hit enter.
    Add: to last line.
    It'll probably look something like localhost

    Save and exit. Worked for me.

    1. Unfortunately I don't think it's temporarily. There have been dark rumours,omens and maybe even a prophecy or two swirling about for the past few years or so ;)

      You can access it the way you have (and I think the mods over at the new Vault are busy using this back door to try and make sure they've got everything to upload to the new vault) but I doubt the vault will come back.

      But thank you to Rolo Kipp (and his team) on all his work on the Vault both old and new- you are the Chosen One(s) :D

    2. I humbly eat my words. >.<

      The old vault is now back up.

    3. It's up, but who knows how long it will stay that way. I think they're in the process of migrating everything (at least most things) to the new Vault. (

      Am not a fan of the new Vault's layout though. Just doesn't seem to be extremely organized as of yet. But I'll wait to pass judgement when everything is copied over and it's up and running as it should.

      It is nice to have the old one still up tho!

    4. I'm too used to the old vault's layout, but they are improving the new site gradually (and everyone is welcome to design new visual styles and send them to Rolo and company).

  5. Unfortunately, I have doubts about how long this new vault stays up myself, hosting everything or most things from the original vault sounds... very expensive. Also, now that the original vault is back up, (as much faith that I have in the nwn community) I don't think the donation button on the new one will be getting many clicks. The future seems a little morbid.