Thursday, May 30, 2013

Future Plans

I haven't exactly been able to work on the next module, but I did take the old version in which it was merged with Chapter 1 and clean it of come C1 content. I've been arranging my 200 text notes with ideas for future conversations and sorting out what goes in the next module and what is for later.

I've decided to keep the modules small, so the next part will be only C2 (mostly Ravage). C3 (Suntown) will come later, for my convenience and other incredibly evil purposes...

C1 is still in "beta". I'm too tired of that one to work on correcting bugs right now.

One interesting thing I've done... I've made a table of romance conflicts - which characters can be romanced at the same time and which can't. Basically, no one will be very thrilled to share the demonheart girl with someone else, but some characters can be cheated on (and the one you cheat with knows you are doing it). I've been writing these evil conversation snippets where you cheat on someone and things get complicated... That's probably not for C2, but it will be needed.

** Someone asked me if Arana's presence would destroy or somehow lessen the demonspawn romance. It won't. I just don't want to force Arana on the player. 


  1. Thanks for the information Lamb.


  2. Good to hear that Arana doesn't impact the demonspawn romance, though I'm still wondering if she'll have her own with him if we turn him down. On that note, yay for romance conflicts! I've always loved them in games -- adds realism. Do you have any sort of date planned for the release of chapter 2, or are you trying to avoid deadlines this time?

    Also, something odd is going on with the new polls. Both of the had about 20-30 votes and then all of a sudden, they were down to twelve.

    1. I can't say anything about Arana, spoilers...

      I'm avoiding deadlines, to avoid being a liar.

      The polls on this site are quite buggy. The old closed poll loses votes every day. :/

  3. Incredibly evil purposes? *Gulp*

    As Mordethe said, I'm glad about the conflicts- too many games have allowed my characters to swan around like nymphomaniacs with absolutely no reprisals. Fun, yes but realistic? No.

    I'm curious, does that include one-off sexual encounters as well? Would the LI know about those?

    1. It depends on the circumstances. I haven't planned many encounters outside of chapter 2 yet.

  4. Thank you for the continued updates.

    I also think it's great there are consequences to actions while in a relationship. And that includes possible cheating. It adds both a little bit of depth as well as touch of realism to the module. So am very glad to hear that.

    Am about to play both the Prelude and Chapter 1 again. This time I think I'll try with more of a Fighter-centric character (played through earlier with a Bard) and see what happens.

    Thanks again!

  5. I wish I was rich so I could just pay you to write and work on this game all day :D

    Start a Kickstarter? Or the adult one (offbeater?)?

    Damn this game is good. Just replayed as bad girl and it was fun. :D

    1. I am a poor student... I wish I could get paid to do things like this. But if I start making commercial games, they aren't going to be adult rated. Would people still be interested? :D

    2. Uninhibited adult themes, deep romances, exciting female roleplay, all multiplied by high-quality RPG cornerstones (athmosphere, detailed characters, story and etc.) - this is what makes your's module and ADWR one of a kind and attracts people still. Subtract one of this - and all magic and interest can be lost, at least I think so.

    3. I think the adult themes and mature aspect of the romance combined with the dark story are what attract me the most as a player. If you were allowed to sell this game (the complete version), I would pay for this. Even without the sex. You could imply what happens, go to a dark screen, etc. A real M rating would still work honestly.
      And if you are asking if you should consider making commercial RPGs after this (or even continuing this in a different engine), I would say yes.
      One of my strongest regrets is not going into game design when I was a kid :) You have shown greater talent in this module than I can think of. I would pay for the novel of this, the campaign setting for Pathfinder/D&D, and of course the game. Even without the adult content :)

      Of course, you could always release the adult content as a free patch or as paid DLC. I think that could still allow you to release the game as M rated no? Just thoughts but I hope you continue down this path. Amazing game, thank you.

    4. +1 to what Thriceborn said.

      In Japan, for example, it's a normal practice to release a PC game without adult content, and then to release a 18+ bonus disk. At least for otome games.

      I'd play your modules/games even without adult content (if you'd tone it to DA1 level, for example). But adult content is greatly appreciated, too (at least by me). In your particular setting it really adds to flavor and story.

  6. Cant wait for more.
    We all Love You Lamb :)