Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week 2 of December

This week went in working on the conversations.

Thirdpres wrote a bunch of new sexy encounters, which I plan to use, one way or another, in the Demonheart modules. Inspired by that, I finished some talks, too. They are all mixed works now.

I'm adding the option to be a virgin. I thought it was out of the question, because I'd have to write 2 versions of each sexy talk, but due to a recent change of plans... and talks... it's allowed and encouraged. *evil smirk*

I need to finish that prelude soon. It will be short, just to throw you into the mess, but you will be able to make a few important choices (virgin, meeting Thayn or not, optionally learning some details about a certain event).

And who has been voting for Sir Brash? It's a conspiracy!


  1. Can't wait! Especially after the recent change in direction. I like character romance, but side encounter can be fun and exciting as well. =D
    Any idea when we can see a preview or a beta (Xmas gift!)?

  2. I'd like to publish the prelude a few days after New Year. Too busy around celebrations. :) There is only one guy in the prelude and he isn't one of the main characters, though. Plus a demon, but he's just a tease. For the first big module, I'd say middle of March.

    1. I think Gladiatrix 3 is coming out around march as well. So many good stuff next year! =D
      All the best luck for your project!

  3. First of all, thanks for the updates! And for spending so much time on this project. I know it's got to be a very busy time for you, so am really thankful you are still working on it.

    A virgin, eh? Is this an option just for the prelude or for the entire series of modules? And I know you don't want to give away too much here, but will the desire to be a virgin hit a well, obstacle or two? As in someone (some thing?) making a mission/obsession to change said virgin status of my PC?

    Either way, am most intrigued! Really looking forward to this and thanks again for the updates!

    1. She can stay a virgin for the entire prelude, but not the entire module that follows.

      OK, SPOILERS!!

      For a long time I wanted to please the players, no stuff they wouldn't like forced on them, but after the recent content expansion which added to minor NPCs, I said damn it all. My babies have to have their fun, too. She's certainly not going to lose her virginity with a random sailor, so if she still has it, she'll lose it with "someone special" who thinks virgins are adorable.


    2. Responding to said spoilers below:




      Thanks for throwing a bone or two for us naughty little babies. :) And appreciate you giving us some hints as to what might come. Was going to ask a couple more questions, but I think I'll just go ahead and wait now until the module release. Like I said, am most intrigued by everything I've read so far. Look forward to see what Thirdpres has cooked up as well.

      I really hope those silly Mayans were wrong, as I really want to play this module before the endtimes come. :)

      Thanks again for the info! And here's hoping your computer stays up and running in the meantime as well!

    3. Oh no, the Mayans... I've told one person to publish my module in case something happens to me, but if something happens to everyone... :(

      There's no right thing to do in this case. If I release something shortly before that date, I'll feel guilty about the people who failed to avoid the apocalypse because they were playing. I'll be in the basement.

  4. Ahem... I must confess... demons are nice and all but... I have a thing for Chaotic evil masculine bastards...

    So hehe... I'm one of those people voting for Brash. *innocent whistle*

    In other words I can't wait until you release this. It looks like it's going to be amazing!

  5. I'm not blaming anyone for voting for Brash, far from it, it's just that his votes got up quickly - I guess it happened after I started revealing things. ^.^

  6. What? Brash?

    Old squinty eye himself?


    1. He sees with that eye, you know, it's just evil like that!