Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 3 of November

It's been a busy week in real life, so progress has been slow. What I've been doing is a possible ending dungeon for Part 1 - I'm not doing things in order and I say "possible" because things still might change. It's unlikely that they will change, because it would be nice to deal with at least one villain* by the end of Part 1, no matter how much I love my villains and wish them all longevity. I needed to do something new instead of filling old holes...

*Villain - in this context, a person who wants the player character dead (an antagonist). I guess I like calling them villains. And then I sometimes call the companions villains, too. I'm stopping now.

I needed a glass bell and a floating heart under it, but I couldn't find any, so I reskinned some things. Here is my lame display case that will have to do unless someone makes something better. :) The first screenshot has been cropped and the player portrait moved so as to stay in the picture. I love this new portrait pack from NWVault.

"Now, my pretties, what will you do?"
Just kidding.


  1. Sounds good; appreciate the effort.
    Just don't stress yourself too much for our benefit. Real life does come first, and you burn out faster if you operate under too much pressure, perceived or otherwise.

    By the way, the word for an important enemy character than isn't necessarily a villain is antagonist. I like that word.

    Also, I know a guy who does 3D art, but unfortunately, he's adventuring in Japan for who knows how long. It's already been 4 months. The bastard was supposed to play Borderlands 2 with me.

  2. I see. Anyway, they are all villains, some of them are just on the PC's side. :) It's madness.

    I added a screenshot of the chest.

  3. That actually looks pretty good. There's some see-through on account of the lack of textures (and polygons) on the inside of the chest, but that's pretty minor.

  4. Hey, I stumbled here by complete accident a few days back and been lurking for a bit...just want to say I am really looking forward to see and most importantly play your mod, it sounds amazing!

    I gave up on NWN a while back since no new updates were made to my favorite modules and none of the new ones really cought my interest. I am really willing to give it a try once again so good luck with your work!


    1. Thank you, I hope you'll like it when it's done.

  5. Considering the limited options you have those two screen shoots looks very nice.

    Don't push yourself to hard. A lot of people are waiting patient for ADwR or Kunoichi updates so i wouldn't worry to much. Just take your time and enjoy the work ;)

  6. Agreed. Don't put pressure on yourself to get it done by a certain date. Despite us ravenous critters here on the outside who are demanding you get it done .... like yesterday! ;)

    We've waited this long. It's more important for you to get it done the way you want it. If it takes awhile to do that, so be it. Just don't burn yourself out.

    Really appreciate the updates. This is shaping up to be one very fine module. Thanks for all your work on it.

    And the way it looks now, it looks like we'll be waiting a long while before any ADwR or Kunoichi updates come our way. Sigh.


  7. But every update is a spoiler...

    It turns out I played ADWR before the last update. That's how little time I have. We found this out when I made a friend play it and she asked me about some part I didn't remember. :D I might give Kunoichi a try because it says it's short.

    1. Don't worry about spoilers.
      They may be highly important plot points from your point of view, who knows the overall story. But as for us, we've no clue about anything or about how that anything fits in with everything else.

      Basically, we've very little context and most spoilers just go over our heads.

    2. Yeah Kunoichi is short, but it gives you a lot of choices. Sadly i doub i will vere find out what will happen to my depraved character and the samurai i tried to corrupt.