Wednesday, November 28, 2012

K, it looks like my precious files were saved, thanks to super-paladin-boyfriend with human legs. I hope his computer doesn't explode now. I have to wait until tomorrow to get my files and see if everything is there.

Damn, there goes my excuse for delaying the module!


  1. Apocalypse averted.
    'tis good news.

  2. Definitely good news indeed. Nicely done, Super Paladin Boyfriend! :)

    And yeah, hopefully no more explosion-type stuff happens in the future. Maybe cast a Bless spell on the new computer just to be on the safe side.

    Or possibly a Remove Curse. ;)

  3. Sorry to hear about the PC troubles. I'm not building a module, or writing a book, or indeed fostering any other creative effort on my PC, but I'd be shattered if mine broke. Still, good to hear most of the module won't be lost though, of course. That's the type of thing that could permanently end your motivation to work on the project.

  4. I know you probably have thought of this or others have told you, but maybe it's time to get an external HD to back up your data. I keep one in the office to use to back up my stuff from my laptop. So if anything went wonky with my laptop, I would have the backup hard drive here in the office to restore it. Though my problem is don't back up as often as I should. :P

    Anyway, hope everything is A-OK with your data and your computer now!

  5. The data is safe. The computer pretends to be working fine, but I don't trust it.

  6. *Whew* Am glad your data is OK! And I definitely wouldn't trust it if it happened to me earlier as well.

    Best thing you could do (other than going to a new PC) is back up your data most often-like. Hate to have something else go wrong w/it and the next time it does damage your HD.

    (keeping my fingers crossed everything will be fine with your PC now..)

  7. I've been thinking how often I need to back up my work. I'd be upset to lose anything over an hour's work. :D

  8. Second Mena R.'s comment. External HD is your friend.
    Once lost all my self written FanFictions and had the luck i had most posted on forums which still were up so i could recover them. Next day i got a external HD and save my work on a daily base when i can . . . . Odd enough, never had another crash since then.

  9. *poke*

    Howdy all.

    I'm back from both the vacation and the long sleep I needed after the vacation. Good times. 8)

    I'm sorry you've had troubles Lamb but I'm also glad you've gotten over them (mostly). An external HD would do you wonders. I need one for my new laptop too.

    Reading one of the other, previous, posts I'll just tell you that I'll at least help you get a proper beta test done if you need it.

    Take care and thanks for keeping us updated. Your Demonheart module is looking very good.


  10. Welcome back :)

    I'll get an external HD soon.

    Would you test personally, or call on some mysterious group of trustworthy people? :)

    1. I will do the job personally.

      I think having a group of people you can count on is better but having that group is hard to come by.

      You could put up a download for everyone to try out, ask for feedback, and likely get some good beta testing done. There will be many who don't test but just play the module, plus you'll open things up for spoilers getting out going this route.

      I do suggest that you let people know what you need tested most, so they can best help you. Get whatever feedback they will give you, take away what you want from that feedback. (Just like conversing on these forums.)

      Do whatever works for you.

      I - will - help.

      And thanks for welcoming me back.