Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 4 of October

I decided to implement two permanent death situations as early as Chapter 1. In one case, if you take too long (that is, if you die), you are found by someone who wants to eat your heart. In the other case, someone kills you in revenge for attacking him.

Since I've even gone so far as to provide clues in the dangerous dungeon puzzle and a nice means to keep any accidentally released enemies away (if you can run fast), this was the least I could do to feel like a proper sadist.

Updating my small list of tasks that I posted here. My big lists of tasks are still a nightmare.

1. Finish Blu quest - talk done and set up for finishing the quest, journal not done, intelligent fighting not done, alternate path with Blu joining not done.

2. Xaxo's quest - done.

3. Escape from G5, teleport and the activator, Arana's variables - not done.

4. Alliran chase scene - done (Brash's "intelligent" behavior, the best I could do, including the rescue of the player character if she dies here).

Sir Brash is supposed to lead you through this area, but if you fall behind (by dying), he really wants to save you. I'm still fine-tuning things to make it possible to go through the sequence without dying. Wearing an armor might help me. Or being level 2. :)


  1. Good luck making companions even remotely 'intelligent.'
    I love NWN and its fanmade modules, but its handling of party members have always been a thorn in my side. The AI is terrible, you can't directly control them, the control you do get is minimal, and you couldn't even access their inventory until the first expansion. Even the fanmade scripts, while giving you much more control over companions, are still crippled by the terrible AI.
    At least the pants-on-head retarded suicidal tendencies of the NWN AI fits a fighter-type character.

  2. I had to make Sir Brash leave the PC so he would be able to do what I intended. They are extremely retarded, so I advise commanding them to wait behind as needed, especially with Arana.

  3. Oh, don't worry, I've mastered Power Word: V-W-X