Thursday, October 25, 2012

Poll Hacked?

I don't think it was really "hacked", but the results are gone. At least that's what I see. I don't see the old poll results on FallynRayne's blog either. Is anyone familiar with this issue? I failed googling anything relevant, I always seem to get something about some politicians.

It's no big deal right now, I remember the results, but if they got periodically deleted, that would suck. I wanted to have a real analysis of which characters were liked or hated in the future.


  1. Databases have an innate hatred against all who use them. Seemingly random datawipes aren't surprising, especially for non-core functions. Sometimes, they just crap themselves entirely, corrupting everything. I've even experienced a database creating corrupt backups, which we found out when the database itself imploded. Good times.

    1. I was expecting the ones used by this site to be reliable. I first saw the results were missing around 8 hours ago. No backups? Gods.

      I could put my beginner knowledge to use and make a website, but why would that be any better...

  2. I saw the results were wiped last night, about 12 hours ago. I and a few other people appeared to have voted again but now, this morning, the results are gone again. Sorry this has caused you a headache.


  3. I just did a google check on what happened with polls for blogspot and other blog polls and it appears this has been a widespread problem since yesterday. Your poll is not alone. I've found no ETA on when this problem will be fixed.

  4. I hope they have some uncorrupted backups. :) It's only mildly saddening in my blog's case. I'd be mad if it happened after release.

  5. From what I've read, in the past, they have had uncorrupted backups but I'm not sure about what will happen this time around. It appears last Aug they had a similar problem and managed to fix it with backups. Lets hope for the best.