Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Today, DH the visual novel got accepted on Steam Greenlight! Just as I was starting to read scary stories about games that stay on there forever. :) The voting had an initial spike and then slowed down, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the percentage of "yes" votes seemed high for such a niche game.

Good guys Valve have greenlit the game while the Indiegogo campaign is still going, with 8 days left.

Thank you for all kinds of support! The most contributions came from blog followers, it's true that Indiegogo isn't a magical plane of wandering benefactors. xD


  1. Glad to see things going smoothly with steam, sure are some horror stories around for a few unlucky souls.
    I even went to the trouble to vote on you myself, took a good hour to figure out what login/pw I had for my steam account again.

    Looks like stretch goals will be hard to hit so don't give up hope on those wandering benefactors just yet. :)

  2. Congratulation on getting greenlit. Only the really bad and unoriginal projects stay on greenlight forever. I think your game hit the mark of what we female VN players missed. Too much japanese otome games on steam with unoriginal art.

    1. ... and boring story. *forgot to add this

  3. Have you tried uploading your Project on lemmasoft forums? It's a good place to get some people interested in your crowdfunding.

  4. Am looking forwards to playing this, been wondering what changes have been added and hoping somethings stay the same.
    Thou still a little sad that it's no longer for nwn. but this looks good :)

  5. Hey Lamb! You should be so proud of yourself! It looks fantastic! Although I love the NWN modules this game looks incredible, and I'll be backing you later today (in the 10-15 range, wish I could go higher but we didn't get school financial aid over the summer). I am so impressed with all the work you have done, and I know its gonna be awesome to play. Hell I was just going back through the modules and reflecting on how even though I know they'll never be finished in the form I played them in they are still some of the funnest games I've ever played in my life. There are many games I've ever finished, or that can draw me in the way Demonheart does, so seriously well done on your part. I can't wait to sass Brash and back-talk to Raze in the real deal!

  6. Congratulations on reaching your goal!
    No voices but it is not something I will miss, can enhance a game for sure but I am perfectly happy to read for myself.

    Now it's just to get this one done and then start the crowd funding for a sequel! ^^