Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Still alive

It's nice to be back and not see any "project/lamb is dead" comments. :) I have a super good excuse for why there haven't been any updates, but I'm not ready to announce private life stuff yet.

Yes, there have been a lot of changes. It keeps happening. I feel it's best if I don't promise anything, or someone might buy the game and not get what they were expecting. Remembering the Thayn storyline, I'm sorry it's not in this project, but I hope I can do a sequel.

Here is a Facebook page - still in preparation:

Until I'm ready to write a bigger update... Thanks for checking the blog. :)


  1. Thanks for the update. And good luck with the project! Can's wait for more.

    PS: love the protagonist's design)

  2. Always nice with an update even if we don't get much. FB page looks nice with those portraits and I'd give it a like if I used the service!

    Oh and I really really hope we can buy the game drm free and don't need steam or such.

    1. My "technical consultant" (aka. male) was telling me about releasing the game both for steam and drm free. These things are new to me. I'm hoping we can do both.

    2. Sounds great and in worst case I would make your game my first(hopefully last too) steam game that I buy.
      Not that steam is horrible or anything but drm free is a strong ideology of mine.

      Really hope you do get to sell on steam though, that really is the only way for a small new dev to make decent sales.

      Looking forward to the next update and maybe some more news about that demo.

  3. Thanks for the update Lamb! Best of luck with the project and real life stuff!

  4. Thanks all! I hope I can come back with a bigger update soon! Actively working on the project, but a lot needs to be done before it's presentable.

  5. there is not "dead" comments probably because every1 forgot about this project :>
    i myself lost any interest in tracking after announcmet of abortion of nwn modules and the only thing that pointed me back after a year after it happened was when i was looking for dark theme module and was like "ehhh...why there no more modules like ADWR,Gladiatrix,DH...oh wait,how DH VN doing..."