Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Campaign in preparation

Long time no announcement, I've been waiting for the artists (yay, I work with artists!) Things are starting to move quickly.

Here are some sample graphics for the game. Do tell me if they're not handsome and if they need to be edited!

I'm preparing for a fundraising campaign and have even auditioned some voice actors, so now Raze and Orchid have voices, at least for the campaign material. When the campaign starts, I'll make a new post here. The goals are to raise money to keep paying the graphic artists and hopefully have the game voiced, and to raise awareness of the game.

If someone wants to volunteer for voice acting, you're welcome to, as long as you can record noise free.

Thank you to those who already donated through the "coffee" button, it will be remembered :)

Before you agree to support anything, I have to say the game will not be the same as the modules.

It won't be a sex game. Now the 72% of you who said you wouldn't play this if it had no sex can give up on me. xD I haven't decided if there will be blackout sex, illustrated but only the decent parts, or none at all, but if any exists, it can only be with the main characters, and I can't even promise that much.

The Apocalypse plot will not be there. Maybe in a sequel. The game will mostly be about Orchid, Raze and Rivera. It's not like I can easily finish the module content and package it in the game. That means the game will be shorter than all the modules combined were supposed to be. It will have all the familiar places, but I'm not just copy-pasting, either. Expect some unexpected turns. And an ending.

Some characters will change personalities or appearance. Arana is getting a name change because I've grown to dislike her name.

Lastly, I'd say the first half of the game is mostly written (it took 3-4 months), and for my part, I will be able to finish the content, because this time I did not design a world ending story.


  1. So basically it's not Demonheart, but an entirely different game in the same setting, and most likely AU at that.

    On one hand it's good to know that DH won't be cut down to size, on the other hope of seeing that campaign completed grows weaker still. We'll wait and see, I guess.

  2. I like the new Raze, but honestly I much prefer the old Brash face. I loved that wicked smile. He kinda looks tame now. And the chin is a little round. ....Sorry for being picky.

    1. No problem, it's better to say it now while it can still be changed. I've been staring at these and other images for so long, I've grown blind. The artist and I have different concepts of a handsome man, but I have permission to edit the details. She usually makes them dreamy looking :D

  3. Hm, well. I guess we shall have to wait and see... The premise of the modules were genious and the story intriguing and very interesting. It is sad that they will never be completed. The new turn your project has taken is interesting as well but -for me personally- for different reasons. I am unsure about it all to be completely honest, but wish you the best of luck with it.

  4. So a different game then. hope it have some adult content. There are a one jillion good stories out there in game/movies, but Demonheart, like dance with rogues, was one of the few that weren't afraid to include all kind of content.
    Well, best of luck anyway, hope my previous donation help you making it.

  5. Sounds scary with those changes but from what you made DH, I'll assume you will make this great too.
    Hope the no sex won't hurt the funding too much but can at least tell you I'll be there for it.

  6. Thank you all for the good wishes and the... umm, other kind of support. I'm so nervous about all of this, sitting in a pile of plans and trying to do everything at once :D

  7. The game sounds like it's definitely a changin'.

    Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, just well, different. I will continue to play it regardless. But, I would be disappointed if you would take the adult elements out of the game entirely. There are so few GOOD games with adult content in them. And this mod was certainly very good. But as I have said many times before, this is your story, tell it how you think it's best.

    If you do keep adult content in the game, I personally don't care how you display it -- graphically or "fade to black" or just descriptive. But this one person wishes it would still remain in some form or another.

    As for the drawings, they look good to me. I like the Brash depiction, myself. And I won't miss the apocalypse storyline either. I do think it's best to concentrate on the PC's story and her interaction with the main characters in the game. Just my humble opinion.

    Thanks once again for the update! Will continue to look forward to hearing more on your progress with the new format.

  8. It definitely sounds like a very different game so far.....which is kind of worrying because the mixture DH had was very close to perfect.
    I really hope that you reconsider the no sex part and use your "old" style of description for it (visual is not needed anyway with your great descriptions).
    DH was, like ADwR one of the very few modules who did it right.

    Anyway, this will be of course your game so you will have to choose what sort of content you want to see in it.
    Good luck with production and I am curious to see what will come out of it.

  9. Heh, I like how everyone considers it a different game purely based on the lack of sexy times. Honestly as much as I loved ADwR, the sexy times were way too much and in no way why I loved those modules.
    In Demonheart I loved the fact that sexytimes were even less and more integrated within the actual story. And in some cases they were where I felt the story should have flowed without them, sort of added on for people that would have liked that. Its personal opinion of course but I believe DH was never about cybersex. Its a great story with great characters, and I love Orchid and her arc, albeit small. Its good that you will show us more of her, she is such an intriguing character.

    Anyways, thank you for update and I am at least very happy with all the changes. I do agree with the first poster that Brash looks a bit too tame. The art is excellent, but he looks more like prince charming rather than a possible rapist with questionable morals. And while I don't know whether the rape scene is even going to be there, he still doesn't emanate the sense of danger like he did in your portrait in the modules. Raze is wonderful though. Too sexy for this world :D

    1. I suspect it's less sexy times and more the fact that original premise and story of mad race for the chance to decide what the world will look like tomorrow got discarded (or at least delayed until possible sequel).

      Besides, some of the sexy scenes were relevant for plot/atmosphere/interactions (a lot of Brash scenes, Thayne, that cult, etc) - all of that would have to be reworked as well.

    2. I wasn't sure there was a race for the fate of the world in the modules. Sure there were moments, sure the modules hinted at that, especially at the end of the second module, which kind of made it more urgent, but I've never considered it as the beginning of the end so to speak. Maybe we interpreted them differently. And didnt Lamb say she was contemplating the ending even then, so she left room for adjustments... I do agree that if deciding the fate of the world was left in this story, it would be more epic, but I like Lamb's writing no matter what she chooses.
      I dunno, Im just happy with how its turning out. And a slow unfolding of the story probably means sequels. The more adventures in DH world the better imho.

  10. Oh, my!:3

    I like that Brash looks older than in the mod’s image (he’s about 40, am I right?). But in this picture he’s… more calm and neutral, meanwhile in the previous — he had damn charismatic wild chaotic sparkle in his eye and smile and it was awww:)))) And a minor detail: his pale hair are mixed with a pale fur on his shoulders, so the fur seems like a part of hair at first view:р

    Raze is sweet, yeah, but he looks like a kind of playboy guy, his look doesn’t seem wicked and cunning like in the mode’s picture, but more dreamy in some way.

    Ok, maybe I like too much art from the mod (btw, who had drawn those images?), but, imho, there Brash and Raze were hot awesome by their charisma, and here they’re just handsome and cute:)

    And the most important question of all time of the universe existence and everything: WHERE’S RAZE’S TAIL? O_O
    Really, I mean it :'( I’m going to miss it very much:'((

    And will be here Arana (who’s not Arana now), Sinallion and Thayn pics?^^

    1. The mod portraits I've worked on for over a month each, before the modules were even announced. I had all the time in the world. So it was me, but I'm inefficient as an illustrator. Then Brash was enhanced by the same artist who did the characters in this post. (Her DA profile: )

      Raze's tail? Well, that's the most dramatic plot twist that happens at the end of the game - it turns out that RAZE DOESN'T HAVE A TAIL! >:0

      J/K, he forgot to show it, like Brash forgot his sword.

      Arana/Ari will be there, but there's no illustration yet. The default PC will look like A. used to, so A. will most likely look different. (Custom PC appearance is a possibility, but for now there's only 1 appearance.) Sinallion will be in the game, and Thayn will probably be there only as a statue.

    2. Well, inefficient or not, but drawings from the mod were cool:)
      Btw, I can’t help myself, but somehow the more I look at new Brash drawing the more he resembles Granny Weatherwax >__<

      Thanks for a link, I’ve found there the сutest DS chibi art ^_^ …and now can’t stop to imagine the fighting between chibi Raze and chibi Brash after Rivera’s defeat :D

      Just one more question, about PC, will be the game from the first person and PC’s appearance be reflected just by a portrait? Or will be there some kind of custom model for PC, the playing from the third person?

      And, damn… No tail! — what a dreadful spoiler!! \(О_о)/ :)

  11. new Raze is good, but Brash ... well, Brash old picture was better. There is something not right with his smile and chin now. ( I hope you and artist are not offended by my words). anyway good luck.your story is worth telling =)

  12. Yeah Raze looks a bit more like a playboy who forgot his shirt, instead of a wicked/cunning/manipulative dude. I really liked his portrait, he's a bit too smooth looking here. All those round shapes make him look soft in my opinion. Also where is his bling? I miss his bling....

    I'm don't miss the 'dirty' scenes but sad that the whole apocalypse scenario won't be a focus. I'm getting sick of Rivera :P (Just die you witch!) Anyway your writing is top and that's what I care about. Wonder how this will unfold.

    1. He does look a bit too naked. He's not that type of guy, but how else could there be a half naked man in the game? I'll see to it that he at least gets a necklace.

  13. Im interested to see what your project will bring.

    Just a quick note, though.

    I feel like taking out sexual encounters completely would take away from your storytelling a lot. I'm not just referring to the rape scene (though that's an important part of Brash's character as well), but sex scenes in general. I personally thought certain parts of Demonheart had too much sexual content, like the cult and interactions with NPC's in the streets, however sexual content adds a lot of realism and grimness to the world you created, which is one of the big reasons I, and many others, enjoyed your module this much.

    Let's think of murders/torture/etc, if you do these things in moderation they are very strong ways of storytelling, do them too much and it will seem trivial and unimportant, however taking them out completely would take away so much realism and sense of danger in the game. I feel the same applies to sexual/potential rape scenes, it only makes sense these would be involved in the type of world you portray.

    I wouldn't want this to be a porn or anything, just to make that clear, and it's obviously your project and up to you how to tell your story, just wanted to share my 2 cents as I feel a lot of people who enjoy your mod would agree with it.

  14. I can live with less or no direct sexy content as long as the story keeps the same level of quality as the modules.

    I'd be kind of sad to see any straight up romantic content cut though.

  15. Razes shackles makes me wonder how different the plot will be. Maybe did Rivera caught and tortured him and Orchid and the MC are trying to free him...ah, we'll see. I hope it doesn't contain

    1. ...any rape scenes like the modules. *Damn you, browser*

  16. I have to say, I am really disappointed. I checked this site for updates constantly, and now I just don't feel like it is the same story. It is one thing to change to a different medium. But to take out all the sex? That would totally change it. There are all sorts of great stories out there, but only very few include sex in a good way, and I thought that your mod did that. Even cutting out the rape would have been a disappointment, but to cut out all the sex? That seems like a tragedy to me. But that is just my two cents. I do wish you luck with the new direction that you are taking.

  17. I hope you succeed in funding your new vision for the game, but I would lie if I'd say that cutting or toning down the sex scenes sounds in any way exciting to me.

    A great story + sex scenes was the main pull for me as that combination is very hard (heh) to find. If you take out the sex part all that is left is a good story and while that is certainly nice, there are already a ton of unplayed NWN mods with great story out there.

    I'm sad to say that this would probably kill my interest in your game, but I still wish you success. There's no point in putting in hard work if what you get out of it is something you do not enjoy.

  18. Yeeeah... not too sure I'm digging the changes. It feels like a completely different game, and I'm missing the NWN module feel, it added to Demonheart's charm. I'll still check it out most likely, once all is said and done, but I hope you keep most of the sexual and romantic content, I thought it added a lot to the story and gave it its own unique flavour. And I do hope you keep most of the content with Brash's relationship, because that was a huge part of the reason I enjoyed your modules so much, it was so dynamic and interesting. Good luck and I wish you success anyway, Lamb!

  19. Wow, what a radical change ! I'll certainly miss a lot the NWN content, your games had a really stunning atmosphere and I think the game environment added to the story. But whatsoever, I'll still follow your new adventures as I'm incredibly curious to see how things will evolve. I'm quite disappointed that you won't put up the Apocalypse Plot, I wanted to have the answers about it so much ! Could you at least enlighten us about what you intended to do with this plot in the previous versions ? I also hope that you won't cut all the sexy material, it was pleasant to play a story that wasn't shy in such matters. No need to illustrate it, words can be enough suggestive I guess, and you can turn them in such a way that it won't "shock" people.... Lastly, I must say I prefered Brash and Raze's portraits from the module... it's certainly because I'm used to them now and can't bear a change... Anyway, thank you so much for all your great word, and good luck on your project, I'll be following this thoroughly !

    1. The Apocalypse seems like too much to handle, at least for now. I felt that in the modules, the DH girl wasn't getting powerful quickly enough, and having her decide the fate of the world would have seemed forced. Like I needed to make 10 more modules until the big decision for that to make sense.

      She was supposed to fight someone important. Thayn was also supposed to be there. There was an evil path where she could ally with Thayn and become his wife. Unwritten, but that was the idea. :)

  20. Those are some nice images. ^^ I like both of them, but I will admit I kind of miss the wicked grin Brash had in the module but I like that he actually looks his age now and you can actually see how powerful he's build. Raze is also seriously lacking his bling. :P

    I personally have no problem with you cutting out the sex stuff, I usually feel kind of uncomfortable with random sexual encounters and actively avoid them. I think it would be nice if there will be some intimate scenes with the LI (from what I've seen of your writing so far I believe you could write some really good scenes both with and without them being explicit), but it's not necessary for me. The only thing I really want is for the romantic stuff to stay.

    It''s okay for me that the apocalypse stuff is removed. Regarding that plot-line I mostly had fun with it in the way that my DH-girl was A: very freaked out/worried by it and B: actively running away from any destiny/prophesy she might be involved in, but the fact that the MC IS turned into a DH is a huge enough plot (right!?, she will still be turned into a DH and even without the apocalypse I would imagine them still beaing feared, hunted and killed.)

    I would have liked if the MC didn't have a sprite at all, but I'll live (I hope I'll like her design). ^^

    Anyway good luck with your project, I'm looking forward to how i'll turn out! :D One final question: will it be free or commercial?

    1. I'm adding a new version of Brash right now. :)

      I would like to keep making games and related stuff for a living (instead of using my limited lifetime to work on some company's software or something), so the game will be commercial.

  21. ...and now I've lost all interest in this project.

  22. That's a real shame.
    Part of the reason I've adored this project, and have been following it since you first released the prologue, was the mix of dark romance and fantasy. The sexual content was exciting. Especially since it was done in such a well paced pick-your-own-adventure style. There is just so few examples of this kind of game out there. The engine and format change I got behind, as disappointed as I was, but removing the sexually charged encounters in addition just isn't doing it for me.

    It was fun turning my Demonheart into a submissive little sexpot by my own choices and seeing just how base she could get. I can not speak for everyone, but for me personally I just don't have the option for that kind of play in my real life so this was a fun and needed release, so to speak. Linear romance novels do an awful job fulfilling that niche too.

    I'll still give it a go, if only because I DID enjoy the story and want to see how it ends (Contrary to my previous statements on the sexual content, it really is a well written piece of dark fantasy), but I am sadly not meeting this with the same enthusiasm I had in the past.

    I know my opinion matters diddly squat, it's your game after all. But I still feel compelled to throw in my two cents, as one of those obsessives who checks the blog ever few days for potential updates, and to give you another perspective from one of your players and, dare I say, fans.

  23. 75/100% sure I won't be checking it out unless others say how amazing it is. Even then it will be met with little to no enthusiasm.

    What a shame. Good luck, though.

  24. I'm a huge visual novel fanatic, if you can't tell based on my Umineko avatar. Hell, Umineko no Naku Kori ni is purely a kinetic novel with no choices, and that game lasts 100+ hours, yet I'm perfectly fine with that because the story is so incredible!

    I know you've already written a lot of your story, and sorry if this was already mentioned in a comment, but when you mention "it won't be a sex game," are you saying there will at least be flirting, sexual harassment, and/or sexual innuendo? I can't picture Brash not doing those things. If there isn't, as long as the story is good, most people will love it anyways.

    Also, when I finish my NWN mod's prologue, would you be willing to test it and provide feedback? Your mod was a huge inspiration to me, and if it wasn't for Brash in particular, I never would have never started my mod in the first place!

  25. Bad idea to change the story style halfway through. Best of luck but goodbye.

  26. I completely understand the direction you're taking with this game. Like others I would love to see romantic option included in the game along the same lines as Mass Effect or Dragon Age. People don't seem to understand that modding, while rewarding, won't keep the bills paid. That being said, don't forget about your fan base. We would love to see the demonheart modules completed, not immediately but reassuring us that the original mods aren't being abandoned would go along way to calming all these negative nancy's.

    Based on your work with the mods I would most likely buy your game for the right price. Alot of indie developers have had success in partnering with Steam, is that something you've considered? I'm sure if you wanted to get your game on steam you'd find a great amount of support amongst your fan base. I would definitely write to them expressing my interest as I'm sure many others on this website would as well.

    Whatever you decide, best of luck and I can't wait to hear more.