Sunday, May 4, 2014

Reminder: I won't be able to work on the module or answer all comments/emails until further notice. Feedback is still welcome. I'll get back to it when I can.


  1. No problem, Lamb. Just started playing it yesterday. Am at the point where.I meet up with (Spoiler) (Spoiler) (Spoiler) Brash once again in that little maze type thing. Liking what I have seen so far! Haven't noticed any game stopping bugs yet.

    Look forward to playing more when I have time! Will report any bugs I do encounter later. But so far, so good.

    Thanks again!

  2. When I get home from hospital, I need to get the data off my crashed drive so I can then carry on the fun nice one Lamb

  3. Ламб, у тебя сессия что ли? х)

    1. ты че,упоротый что ли ?
      пиши на понятном для нее языке.
      а ели же хочешь выебнуться "иностранным" языком,то тебе не сюда.
      проявляй уважение в чужом монастыре,петушок.

    2. Literally played the first chapter and prelude yesterday, really am enjoying this, much like enjoying FallenRayne's Gladiatrix Series. Good to see another good story being written, wasn't able to vote on the romance for chapter one but I do like the Arana character. Also like the idea of random assaults if your not careful much like in a Dance with Rouges. Specially as the world seems to be pretty nasty.

  4. Maybe this is the wrong place for the post but when i read some posts about the massiv time that scripting in nwn needs for modders i just have to mention that (for simple scriptys, questlines, etc) there is a "script wizard" tool that can save a modder much time.
    Maybe lamp does not uses this tool or does not want to but i thought it may help to mention it as a suggestion.
    If i find the link to the tool i will post it later if lamp is interested.
    I remember it was free to use years ago ;)

    1. I bet you are talking about Lilac Soul's generator :) It comes in handy, sure, but the sheer amount of custom scripts in a module and making them all work together is mind-boggling. I was sure the script wizard would take care of my problems while bulding a module but it does only the basic stuff - you have to worry about the more complicated things yourself :)

      What can I say...module-making is a stressing work :P

    2. Lilac is really all you need to make a mod. If you have a script you want to use that goes beyond the scope of Lilac, then imo you should be evaluating if you're causing yourself undue headaches.

    3. I don't know, maybe so or maybe I don't quite understand how Lilac works :) I manage with or without it somehow but I guess knowing how it ticks will make life easier ;)

  5. Still no update. Sorry. I'm overwhelmed with other kinds of work, and when I look at the list of bug reports... some other time, lol xD

    1. If it's encouraging at all, I managed to play through it without finding any bugs so there's that!

  6. Hey Lamb!
    Just wanted to express my gratitude for tremendous work that you have done so far on Demonheart. For a rabid fan of ADwR your modules were precious gems to find.

    Regarding feedback on CH2:
    I played from P to CH2 as a nice girl. (Spoilers)
    Sided with the cult, got Brash then got him again after Monkey vs Goat showdown)) It was awesome btw. Missed Sin after returning with papers. But i guess its how its supposed to be. I hope he will be available in the future as a companion. No bugs encountered, everything went very smoothly.

    Loved all characters. Brash and Raze are awesome-its painful to choose between them. Arana is building up to be a best friend and a kindred soul. The amount of conversations with companions is insane. Ive been chatting up with them more than i was actually doing something productive. Thats what i think ADwR missed-more talking about stuff.

    Anyway hope RL is treating you well. Good luck with whatever you are doing. And please dont forget us fans eagerly waiting for even tiniest update :))

  7. This is my testing results. Played three times to do all of the quests, and this is what I found:

    (some of these might intended, I dunno, just thought I'd share)

    *** start with 2 versions of Firesting. Gives a new one at start of game without taking old one away

    * can kiss Brash even when not romancing him

    * in Dream (Chains 1) Raze has a different soundset to usual. Same in Chains 2 after the shadow encounter

    *** Rivera always knows that the PC is coming even when all of her eyes have been destroyed.

    *** Kurt always greets PC with "wake up, Moore" instead of moving on to "which one'll it be of the corpses three"

    * have to attack little Raze twice before shadows talks to PC

    * if PC attacked Raze in dreams then she can get 200XP everytime she talks to shadow before he fades

    *** when Sin joins the PC, his conversation doesn't start when outside the sanctum thus the screen remains blacked out

    Great mod though! Im jumping the gun a bit, I know, but I cannot wait for chapter 3! Just love all the modules so far!

    1. When you say "have to attack little Raze twice before shadows talks to PC" when do you mean? Cause I think I've missed out on something there...

    2. **SPOILERS**

      You have that option in the Chains dream. You dont have to pick it, its optional if you want to be evil to him as far as i understood. If you do pick it, you are kind of joining his torturers.

    3. Oh. Guess 'cause I've been playing a "good" character I never noticed that. Thanks for the info :]

  8. I just finished my first playthrough and I didn't run into any real trouble- thorough enjoyment was had! The only 'bug' of any kind I ran into was in Rivera's lair- in the last room you fight her, there's a pile of books which is lootable. I got a magic scroll my first time through, and after reloading ended up getting a book on Luskan. I'm fairly certain this wasn't intentional. ;)

    Thanks so much for all the love and hard work you've obviously put into these modules. I absolutely adore R!

    1. Huh. Now that you mention it, I do remember that pile of books. I ended up looting about three magic scrolls from it and I remember thinking to myself, 'Wow, magic things! And I can use them, too!' With you bringing it up as a possible bug, I recall that the world is designed to be low magic and that those scrolls might not have supposed to have been there (nor should I probably have been able to use them). XD

      I guess I was too hyped at the time to think about it!

    2. Yep, same with me. A magic scroll which i couldnt use and then 2 books - one on Luskan and another on something else in standard campaign.
      I guess that counts as a tiny bug )

    3. Bug or not it's just the usual treasure respawn from the standard campaign, but hey, it's a witch lair, you can find magic scrolls there, right?

    4. I think Lamb was very careful with treasures in DH and i guess Luskan isnt even supposed to be in this setting. And since its a low magic world so....
      At any rate its so minor in comparison to the amount of great work that was done)

  9. PART 1 (I had to split my comment XD)

    Hello there!
    Just wanted to thank you Lamb for this awesome series, been following it since the start, but never had the courage to chip in; now it just felt right to give my contribution to the beta :)
    Since the playing experience was so rich and complex, I decided to do two main playthroughs ( a diplomatic DH girl bard that was into Raze, and another,sharp- tongued DH girl thief that was more into Brash)... I was really amazed by how the playing experience changed, you have an unquestionable talent that is not common among modders.

    But I will go more in depth in spoiler section... (sorry in advance for my horrible English!)

    *** Possible spoilers ahead! ***

    (possible) bugs I found:

    -The baby quest:on my first playthrough,I brang the baby to the innkeeper (with the help of Sinallion),but the quest never got completed,remaining forever in my journal...on my second playthrough,instead,I gave the baby to the young woman in north square and it completed,but I still preferred the innkeeper option because I could go visit the little one :P on another note,I got the talk from Arana upon picking the baby up on 1st playthrough (I kept the baby in my arms), but not on my 2nd (I placed the baby in my bag,not sure it was cause of that,but worth mentioning)…someone mentioned Raze may have something to say there,but he never said anything to me regarding the baby in neither playthrough.

    -Seafood restaurant:whenever you talk to the owner and ask for a meal,he gets your 20 golds and you sit at the table,but then nothing happens...I see how he made a living through the crisis :P also,the dialogue just restarts like you never talked to him before if you talk to him again.

    -A strange,locked house (in church district):I entered this house picking locks with my thief,and saw blood all over the floor...whenever I tried to explore the two rooms,there seemed to be a dialogue willing to initiate,but it got shut down right away everytime (even if I stayed perfectly still).

    -Kurt the smith:if you ask him to reforge your fire sting into something else,he will just say no and any dialogue craft-related option just disappears...also,if you initiate dialogue with him again,it just plays as it's the first time you ever talk to him.

    -Everlast wine bottle (rivera's hideout,inferno garden 2):there is this bottle on a web-decorated table,but it's impossible to pick up the way it's placed.

    -Handblades:the electric buff (the gems from aberrations or elementals) shows the shape of a kama... only a minor graphic bug and probably not even your fault :) (please,give us magic handblades or the chance to enchant em in next chapter, pretty please?They are wonderful and looked terrific on my dual-wielding thief, used them in all chapters!).

    -Weird walking:as soon as you get out of the portal in the cursed forest with (possibly) Brash and Arana,dialogue with Raze ensues;on my 2nd playthrough,just in the middle of things (after Raze hisses at you and then he should turn his back to disappear soon after) my character started walking on her own to a specific spot (I am sure I didn't click anything,replayed several times to be sure).Seems like the game moves her instead of Raze (who stays put) for some reason;not sure it's this,but it may have something to do with the fact that in this playthrough Raze got hurt and lost the fight instead of Brash (on my 1st playthrough I sided with Raze and this didn't happen, he walked away normally while my char stayed in place).


  10. PART 2

    *** still possible spoilers ahead! ***

    -Weird Raze dialogues:these are not really bugs,but Raze talks to you casually about the demonspawn skeleton kept in the ancient temple and the DH girl doesn't comment on that, while later on (mental dialogue near the end) she does comment on the fact that "oh, now you talk to me" (if he ever got sour about you having Brash in the party after their squabble); also, after I got back in Ravage post-Rivera,he initiated a dialogue about the DH girl on the torture cross (particularly weird since in that playthrough I was romancing Brash as well and did nothing even remotely flirty to Raze), while still holding a grudge if called with amulet, also DH girl didn’t comment on that, either… nothing major, just a bit weird :)

    That’s it for the “bugs”… and, If we're ever allowed to make small requests, here's my wishlist :D

    -Climax options for cultists:it's nice that you can ask pretty much any cultist to make love to you, if you so fancy, but as it is now, it does seem a bit business-like...would be nice to have some “make him climax” and/or “climax on your own” options to give a sense of closure to the thing, instead of "that's enough, kthxbye" that sounds a bit cold and unfulfilled; doesn't need to have a lengthy description either... and if not for all the cultists, at least for priest Nathaniel (because he's sooo cutely bashful, I can't help but rape him everytime I pass through the I wanna make him happy at least :D).

    -The hairbrush:after being so impressed by how detailed your module can be (referring in particular to the sword and lock of hair dialogues with Brash),I decided to bring this thing with me from chapter 1... sadly there was no option to discuss of it, so I'm still in the dark about who left this on my bedroll (come on,I can't be the only one wondering if Brash did it...I know,fangirls are annoying :P)

    Overall, I don't think I can name one negative thing about your modules:amazingly told story,well-painted atmosphere,plenty of dialogues (skillfully written ones at that),interactive elements ( Brash's sword and lock of hair dialogues were bright example of this),different ways to complete quests and/or to play out dialogues (counted at least 10 ways in which Brash's dialogue in the secret room can play out,loved the roleplaying freedom,it really gives depth to one’s game),always having a second chance to roleplay at your best without being punished (it was awesome to express surprise at Brash wanting to hug me without losing the option to do so ),very round and lively characters,unique and interesting romance options that give you plenty of different feels (and big headaches as well),choice of sexy armor and dyes (yay!) and well implemented adult content,good use of scripts,clever-built custom classes,heck,even your area design is top notch, giving you the sensation of walking through something “that feels real” and not just “going from point A to point B in forest map”.


  11. PART 3

    *** some more spoilers ahead ***

    If I really have to find a flaw in it so far, I guess the one thing I’m a bit disappointed with is Sinallion himself;maybe because I had so many expectations about the “nice guy” romance option,but I wasn’t expecting the honor-and-justice paladin type though (a true,living toothpaste adv at that… come on,I can’t be the only one that thought of making a drinking game out of how many times you see Sinallion’s teeth shine white in a dialogue… right? ).

    I guess out of all the romance options/companions, he seemed to be somewhat less complex and round compared to the others;of course,this may be totally due to my personal taste (I don’t like the stuck-up paladin types much, heh), so please don’t get offended by what is merely my questionable opinion :)

    Maybe he just needs another chapter to really shine, like it happened with Raze in this one (or Brash, too... they showed so many new sides of themselves)…at worse,he’s still a very good kisser :D

    *** end of spoilers ***

    All in all,a splendid chapter I was excited to play, that surpassed all my expectations in a positive way,I’d give 10 out of 10 if this was the vault; thanks again for your amazing work Lamb, I really hope life is treating you well and that all is good with you….Hopefully you’ll come back relaxed and full of energy to finish this series, I for one will be eagerly awaiting next chapter :D

    Sorry for the lenghty comments but I thought the more specific feedback, the better (maybe...)!

  12. ***SPOILERS***

    Raze does comment on the baby, but in my playthrough i had to ask him via amulet. The conversation is short but funny) something about your character having a habit of picking up random babies)))

    1. Darn, now I need a third playthrough :D /ocd mode on

      Thanks for the tip!

  13. I've played it through and didn't experience too many bugs. Some spoilers...



    Looking through some of the other comments, it looks like I missed out a lot from not doing other quests. I didn't see any spiders, or an estate I had to get into, or even.... molesting, kidnapping pirates! I'm sure I just accidentally overlooked them though. Will keep playing until I find those silly pirates tho. ;)

    I did experience the resurrection bug. But I just went back to a prior save and tried not to die that time..... hehe. And in the lair, when Brash got his heart stolen (awww..), when he'd rejoin there would be limited dialog options. Don't know if that is intended or not. Or maybe it was just he didn't have the heart to do or say anything else to me at the time. ;)

    Other than that, no major gamestopping bug issues. Really enjoyed this chapter! Makes me want more!

    Hope all is well in that real life realm. Take good care.

  14. We all are waiting for you, Lamb.
    A small report about bags: I decided to play once again after Chapter 2 for the very beginning. In Prelude Color Coding item disappeared from my inventory while being in Feline prison, so all the text turned to his usual state. It was quite strange because I remember that Color Coding was there while I was playing but when I saved, exited and then came back in a little while, started NWN again and loaded the save the item was gone. I tried the autosave which had happened in Prison a few minutes before my save, and Color Coding wasn't there as well. Then I tried the very first save in DH's house and Color Coding was found there. So I have to play once again, lol, just cannot play without my actions-in-yellow-color-and-brackets. Wonder why it happened so.
    And about bugs in Ch. 2. There weren't any awful errors, everything worked perfectly. Only Arana didn't resurrect (it happened in the forest with a unicorn) but I fixed it with help of the code that you had given. Also when DH and Arana entered Ravage for the first time, Arana said "I need to speak with you" twice and the dialogue didn't happen. I replayed this moment and everything was OK, but I've got a feeling the game become a little slow when this scene is trying to began.

  15. I just want to confirm this: Does the polls no longer work for anyone or is it just me? They all show up at 0% with 0 votes, and it's not just this blog either. My own blog is the same way.

    1. Same here, I thought it was just me!

    2. No the polls dont seem to work for me as well

    3. It's been like this since around May 16-23rd. Anyways, at least I'm not the only one. Thanks.

    4. I noticed the polls finally started working on yesterday. Better late than never, I suppose.

  16. Hi Lamb. Great module! After re-installation of NWN, somehow Raze's portrait was replaced by a plain white rectangle. Do you (or someone else) have an idea how to get the portrait back? I also observed kind of a bug: I found the missing cultists before talking to the fortuneteller and the module does not react sensible to that. To solve the quest, I still had to talk to the fortuneteller and then go back to the corpses again. In my view, the quest should be solved as soon as you find the cultists.

  17. Been replaying chapter 2 for the n-th time. This times i have sided with Sinallion.
    Here is a short bug report (most bugs were already stated)


    1. Arana comments on the baby only if you put it in your backpack. If you 'equip' it as a weapon - she does not comment.

    2. I dont know whether the conversations are timed, but on my middle playthrough i slept on the bed twice before bringing evidence to Sin (had 2 Raze's dreams) and missed the following conversations:
    - Arana on how strong the DH girl is (most people would give up)
    - Arana on where the DH wants to live (post Rivera)
    - Arana's guilty confession about Arana's fault that DH was captured by Rivera
    - Raze on what happened in Rivera's dungeon (Brash's heart)
    Although it should be noted that i rather rushed that playthrough and did not rest (sat on the ground) much.

    3. In my last play through i slept on the bed 3 times (and rested a lot) before going to Sin with evidence. The last sleep did not have Raze's dream (it said something like 'the dream was not controlled by Raze'), then before entering the Inn i got Raze's conversation about the first time they met (the cross). I assume this conversation is logically triggered in Ravage after you deal with Rivera and have Raze's jealousy fit. When i went back to the save before sleeping for the third time, i did not sleep but went straight to Sin. Raze's conversation triggered only after i dealt with Rivera as happened before.
    Also since i got all the previously-mentioned conversations, i guess it depends on the number of times you actually rest (sit on the ground).

    4. Sex with Brash consists of two parts: the wall and the bed. I dont know if its intentional but the romance activates only if you complete both of then. If you just do the first part and refuse second the romance does not activate. I have activated it by kissing him.

    5. As was said before, if you let Sin bring the baby to Bekka, the quest does not complete.

  18. Hey Lamb. Just finished your awesome module. I played as chaotic good, somewhat manipulative rogue, with Arana as a main companion. Exported main character from Ch1, all date imported without issues, save for sudden appearance of not one, but two flaming shortswords which I looted from undead witch in previous chapter. In previous module I, obviously, saved Arana, and less obviously saved Brash. Romanced Brash in Ch1, haven't started anything with Arana. Both choices seemed to import well too, as far as I can say.

    In my playthrough I started to side with Sinalion, but then it seems that I missed his conversation and ended up with cultists instead. It's obviously not a bug, but it would be nice if he reminded player character that time is of the essence, and report to him daily or something. =)

    I've done almost all side quests, barring pirates (never even encountered them), all completed without issues, including lost baby quest (gave her to Bekka, only had Arana in my party, baby was in my hands the whole time); missing cultists quest (had some issues with resurrecting and dying again, but I have reloaded earlier save and it worked).

    My main issue was that my main character almost constantly died just after reviving, and started to just stuck in loop of constant dying and reviving. It wasn't really annoying, I tend to reload on death anyway, but I doubt that that feature is working as intended.

    Somewhat lesser issues were mostly just incomplete content or me missing some quests (i.e. didn't really understood what's the point of seafood restaurant, thought it was to help Brash get into shape after starvation, but it seems I was wrong; haven't understood what's the significance of a dead girl in an abandoned warehouse with scorpion; missed Brash's secret door first time around and though was forced to eat his heart; also haven't really understand what Aristo have said about other part of a prophecy, I thought that siding with cultists will give me access to lower level where it was kept, but I was, again, wrong).

    Overall - simply awesome module. After my disappointment with Gladiatrix, which emulated ADwR but failed to see what made ADwR so good (believable and detailed world, interesting and multidimensional characters, unusual quests) your module was like a breath of fresh air. I especially fascinated with Raze in this chapter, he's just so very well written that you can't help but get interested in him. I had a pet theory after visiting the seer that child Raze and adult Raze are different persons altogether though, but I guess it's just me being paranoid.

    Brash too, was even more multifaceted this time around, with his conversations, particularly about sword and lock of my character's hair. Would have liked to see more trauma and groveling though, after returning from Rivera's dimension he become his old asshole self too quickly in my opinion. Also I wouldn't have minded an option to break him and turn tables around, but I guess it's just me.

    Arana was way more interesting in this chapter too, with her sad backstory, and not particularly good nor evil behaviour (usually game developers can't make neutral characters, making them either selfish, or devoted to magic, or nature, or something, and Arana wasn't such a cliche). I liked to have her as a friend, and her fascination and pouting about Raze was hilarious.

    Sinallion... well, I don't know, maybe he'll show himself in later module, but right now he reminded me of Anden Goodmanner from ADwR and it's not really a compliment to either of them. =) Though it could be my personal taste speaking. As for good aligned companions, if you forgive me another ADwR mention, I'd preferred someone like Simon Lyonson, maybe less neutral though, but empathetic and sharing heroine's burdens.

  19. But I wanted to say - with all my comparisons to ADwR I never ever thought that your work is derivative, and in some aspects (namely the characters) I liked Demonheart more. Namely, I always killed Vico in my playthroughs, though he's a very interesting character (sorta kinda like more rape-y Hound from ASoIaF, but with way less redeeming qualities). But in Demonheat I just couldn't kill Brash, and couldn't even abandon him in Ch2, though he kinda infuriates me at times. He's just more complex, and while his behavior is inexcusable IMO, it kinda makes sense taking in account his back-story. And all those little touches with locks of hair and (presumably) brushes helped. t would be a sad day if I would need to kill him in the next chapter.

    So - tl;dr - awesome module, haven't encountered any major bugs, 10\10 story and characters, would play again, My only wish that it would have been longer and more rogue-oriented. So, Lamb, thank you again! Keep up your great work, take as much time as you want, but please don't abandon us. =)

    1. Aw, that must have been why I liked Vico. A more rape-y Hound, and the Hound was my favorite character from ASoIaF. :D

  20. Two months since the last post from Lamb, I'm starting to get scared. Hope you are well. I think I might die if another promising series doesn't get completed, my heart can't take it again.

    1. Well Valine has taken more than a year to update ADwR...
      Besides i believe that when writing such complex series as Demonheart the author needs as much time off as she decides is enough to recuperate from the amount of effort put and to feel inclined to continue working on the story. And RL is more important than any module.
      Give Lamb time, shes the boss after all. We can only wait and hope that she feels its worth her time and effort to continue working on the wonderful modules.

  21. I was talking to Lamb through email before she took the break. Let me reassure everyone Lamb will be back, she just had a lot of very serious real life stuff that took priority over modding.

    1. Thank you for the reassurances!

      And to Lamb - I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes you the very best in whatever life has thrown your way. <3

    2. Definitely seconded.
      May life treat you well :)

  22. Long life to Lamb! all hail to Lamb!

    Now seriously Aurora is not an easy tool and scripting is the worst thing to test, it's understandable she is take a long break after all

  23. Hope to see lamb doin' something on Original Sin engine.
    it has modern graphics,but could be as much fun and moddable(easier from what i understand) as nwn.
    nwn is 4ever classic tho.

  24. Hi Lamb. I want to say thank you for developing such a great story for an nwn module. The plot, environments and your characters (especially Raze) are all very unique. It's been a long while since I've enjoyed a story as much as yours. I definitely understand how life takes priority over our hobbies/interests. I hope things go well for you and that you will be able to find the time and desire to finish your story. I very much look forward to Chapter 3!

  25. great module just finished chapter 2 it's completely playable

  26. This comment is vague enough not to need the ***SPOILER*** message but I'll add it in anyway.


    Kurt's armor, when you kill him for the missing cultists quest, is wearable even though you cannot mechanically take UMD (at least not without taking it cross class as a rogue). So with no UMD is has a user limitation but I can still equip it; so I thought you might want to know about this. Plate mail is nice to finally have in game but I'm aware you didn't want it in the module.

    Also, as mentioned above, you can still take UMD cross class as a rogue even though you probably didn't want it in the module at all. Figured you'd want to fix that if you didn't know.

  27. Two new bugs:


    Undead creatres in Rivera's lair are not undead. They are just listed that way, but have none of the immunities given to undead.

    Also, after death the hunger stat penalty reduces your CON by one point when you come back. This makes it impossible to use your demonheart regeneration to it's proper effect and makes any death permenant by breaking the module.