Sunday, December 1, 2013

Progress on Chapter 2

When Chapter 1 was released, I said I didn't know when the next one was going to be finished, but some people still asked for an estimated time, so I said "this year". Along the way, I made the module a little more complicated than I initially meant it to be - there used to be a time when I meant to release it merged with Chapter 1 and it was supposed to be very short. Well, it's still kind of short, but with some alternate paths that have proven time-consuming to implement. Also, I wasn't counting on the possibility of having a few months of very slow progress (which happened this summer) and playing other games.

Around the middle of October, I decided to try to finish the "main plot" (if it can be called that) by the end of November, and then test and bugfix the module and finish everything else in December.

And the results... well, I kind of knew I was lying to myself, so I'm not disappointed. I actually worked on the module almost every day, when I wasn't sidetracking by developing some handy tool related to proofreading NWN modules. (If those tools were 100% neat, I'd publish them, too, but they are only good enough for me.)

The module isn't fully functional, but I was able to begin the first ceremonial testing, starting at the beginning and trying to get to the end, or as far as possible, since I didn't make an end. :D

So, when will it be finished? Depends how much I slave away on it. :) End of December or end of January, or who knows.

Behold the spawn of hell and my decent black armor. :P

I can't wait to get to Chapter 3... All that is left to do for Chapter 2 can be categorized as "unpleasant tasks" - finish some conversations that I started and then lost inspiration, or something that connects two parts of the module but isn't very fun to make, or was planned a long time ago but I have been avoiding it... It's a lot of work.

I finally printed out a plan for the entire series' plot. There used to be a murky part around the middle, where I planned to add some characters and events, but I saw no way to connect everything together. As you can guess, that part is out. There should be 4 chapters in total.

Testing during development. This might change a little.

Regarding Brash's reaction to the demonheart girl and the influence/approval system, there has been a change. I decided not to trust the variable tracking system from Chapter 1 *that* much, so there will always be a possibility to keep Brash as an ally, unless you set him on fire earlier. But what you'll have to do in order to keep him depends on those variables and, in one case, your talking skills. There are still three and a half different ways he can act when you come face to face with each other... Yep, that's too many possibilities for that guy, whom around 50% people will just off the first chance they get, but that content is finished...

I didn't want Brash to be a fluffy carebear. Some people - or their demonheart girls - despise him or are just indifferent, and Brash wouldn't react nicely to that. But the variable tracking system can't really read your mind, so what if I'm wrong? You will be given an opportunity to set things right. And if you messed it up *that* much... then sorry, guess he just hates you. :D

I still need to sort out what happens with Raze and Arana and how they can be romanced. Sure, there are many conversations with them already, but they aren't romance-specific. It kinda sucks that another romance interest already had sex with the girl, so the others are at a disadvantage. If they act quickly, they are shallow or uncaring like him. If they don't act, the girl can go around the whole harbor. Yep, btw, most of the romance interests here will not appreciate you sleeping around.

As for the adult content poll, the encounters written/planned for Chapter 2 will be there, but I'm not sure how much of it there is going to be in the later parts. Things have to make sense. I don't like the idea of a world of frustrated horndogs who were only waiting for the demonheart girl because other women don't exist. Or solving every quest with sex. Seriously?

Of course, the main characters will get their share, some sooner than others.


  1. Yay for not being forced to have an account for comments.
    Glad to see things moving along while you still take your time and it's done when it's done.
    Think that last poll scared people and more would actually say yes otherwise.
    Personaly I'd avoid most(all?) of the naughty encounters on my main playtrough but it do create a larger replay value. Just the fact that they are there makes the world more alive, dark and gritty.
    I guess I'm one of the few that love Brash as he brings allot of emotion and immersion to the game, though my dh rather have him a swords lenght away from her.
    Oh and a thresome with Arana and Raze could be something to think about. ^^

  2. Definitely never saw Brash as a carebear. Probably more like "Chucky" from the Child's Play series. ;)

    Oh, I am sure another encounter with him would be most interesting indeed. My guess is he isn't going to be pleased with my PC. But that's usually the case when someone get's stabbed multiple times and their heart eaten. At least that's what I've heard on the internet anyway. ;)

    And aww... I think the world is such a much better place with hordes of horndogs populating it. But maybe that's just me. :P But I can see why not everyone would share my view. Am glad though you are leaving the naughty bits in. Naughty is nice in my book. :)

    Finally, take your time. I know you gave general dates on when you might complete the mod. And I appreciate it a lot. But I also know it's never been one written in stone. Things in real life happen and also there are times you just need to take break from it all. So just relax and take your time with your module creating. We'll be patient. Heck, I'm still patiently waiting for Valine to update her modules. I'm sure it'll happen any day now! :P

    Thanks again for the updates.

    1. That Chucky thing looks a lot like Brash, especially with the scars. omg lol!

  3. Lamb - don't worry about the % of 'adult' content, no one wants a sex-fest (I would hope!) as there is plenty of porn on the web already if that is all that is wanted.
    Like some of the earlier responses, it's the story that drives the interest, the adult parts just make it more 'alive'.
    Brash - so dominates the story in chapter 1 that to lose him would be bit of a wrench (regardless of IC/OOC feelings), unless he actually perma died, which didn't happen.
    So just go in the direction that your story driven imagination takes you (within time and finger power restraints, naturally).
    Enjoyed all so far.

    1. but this is an adult content and Many people want to enjoy sexual story ;)

    2. I agree with Phil. I really like how the module(s) has unfolded to date. I think Brash is a damaged, and awesome bastard. Keep writing him like that, if that was your intent, and keep building the way you want to. Like Phil said, certain situations do make the module seem more "alive."

  4. but this is an adult content and Many people want to enjoy sexual story ;)

    Sorry. I can not speak English well. Because I live in a non-English speaking countries. But I'm very much looking forward to work

  5. I suppose I should have voted that you could remove it if you wanted, but I though that meant you'd also take out the main romance interests stuff, like Brash and Raze, and I didn't want that. So I can't vote now, but I would have voted do whatever the hell you want, since the side stuff doesn't interest me.

  6. Just sticking my head up from mountains of work to say (once again) that I'm looking forward to playing!

    I'm somewhat obsessive when it comes to playing any game so will try to play through and explore just about every possible variable and changes to alignment. I have about 8 characters lined up for the next chapter and imagine that that number will probably grow and grow as the chapters go on... so whether or not I personally like/ dislike the NPC's or whether or not my character gets smexytimes is almost irrelevant, it's all about whichever DH girl I'm playing at the moment (and some of them have serious issues on both extremes of the spectrum) :O but having the option for me to choose is always good :D

    I'm a realist and you're one person putting in a huuuuuuge amount of effort into the this module and I know that you can't possibly accommodate every choice (nor should you!). It's your module and you have a better idea than anyone of how your characters behave and how they'd respond to my choices.

    P.S. The slinky black armour looks amazing <3

    P.P.S Good luck with the week/month/ of unpleasant tasks :)

  7. Everyone's already basically said everything I would have said! But I'll pitch in and also mention that I, too, am for story over gratuitous sexytiems -- granted, I love a story or relationships that're influenced and/or made more challenging by sexual tension or sexual encounters, but sex is like a spice! Used in perfect portion to compliment the meal rather than -make- the meal, it's delicious! Throw too much in and suddenly the spice is just overwhelming. I say 'bravo!' with making certain that you're staying true to your story.

    As to the vote, I personally (unsurprisingly, given what I just said) said I'd play the module anyway, but I will say I do wish there was sort of an "inbetween" answer -- for instance, one that says "I wouldn't mind if you take it out and would still play, but I do certainly like some of the flavor it brings" or something. That would have been my answer!

  8. Things are more valuable when they're hard to get. That goes both for sex in general, and Brash specifically. Sometimes someone just doesn't like you, and not knowing why makes it just that much more interesting, enjoyable and believable.

  9. Generally, the mere presence of sex and violence makes the world feel more real, especially if it's unavoidable in same cases. By unavoidable, I mean if there are serious consequences to refusing, like in ADWR when in some cases refusing sex would lead to fight which is hard to win. In most cases though, sex should be optional.

    People sometimes refer to it as something silly, but they forget it's most of the time optional. You don't have to do it if you don't want to.

    Demonheart so far has delivered an engaging story in a "realistic" fantasy. Just how much sex and violence contributed to it is a matter of debate by they do contribute. I'd play the module definitely either way but I think they help set the dark and gritty tone and "realistic" atmosphere.

  10. Well, ever since I decided on the content rating for this, I have been building the modules in a world that allows for sex and foul language. Now it's difficult to imagine the modules without at least Brash's cussing. :D The poll is like a trick question, but I'm asking if you would still like this, not if you would like it equally. I decided to ask that after I saw some complaining about the adult content modules, which get like 5x more downloads immediately just because the author "advertises" adult content. I don't really want to promote the modules with it, it's supposed to be a warning, because some people are still bothered by that kind of content. I can't promise anything (as I have the memory span of a goldfish when it comes to remembering what's already in the modules). I guess I'll just keep doing what I was doing.

  11. For some people the stuff like your module are pretty much the best kind of porn they get. Because, frankly, porn videos and photos with real people are as disgusting as visiting a prostitute. So what's left (apart from normal sex)? Only literature and an occasional game, and the majority of the adult content is simply garbage not worth spending even a little time. On the contrary, ADWR, for example, was the best porn I have ever seen.

    Thank you Lamb, for spending your own time to make such great stuff available!

    1. To counter myself and digress from my whining (in a comment below), :) I understand how porn with plot can be more appealing. But I call that romance. lol. I don't really care about sailors.

  12. "I don't like the idea of a world of ... solving every quest with sex."
    Bah, the concept sounds hilarious.

  13. I’m kind of disappointed with the result of the poll and the comments here.
    I like to play modules with sex content because it’s generally made for adults, so I can expect different themes from the ones made for kids. Let’s take for example the books of “a song of fire and ice” they would be still fu***** awesome without sex content, but the sex content is there to make the story even more complete, to confirm that the books are for adults.
    I see modules with sex content as uncensored modules, where there isn’t a limit, we can face the world as it is no matter if there are rapists, murderers, junkies, whores, etc…
    I, of course, would play the module if there were no sex content, it can’t never be a priority to a real RPG gamer, I don’t want and wouldn’t ever get a boner playing a game lol, if I wanted something like that I would do something else. What I want is good story and that’s what im getting playing DH, no matter the sex content, but as I said before, it makes the world even more realistic, so I support it.
    Don’t want to step on anyone’s foot, just my opinion.

    1. My favorites in ASoIaF were Sandor and Sansa, and Bronn with his evil mercenary behavior. Those people didn't have sex on-screen, as far as I remember. But if the guys were nice and never said an ugly word (or dropped a horse on someone)? Eww. So... I didn't really need all the nipple scenes with the other characters, but it didn't hurt my eyes... too much. :D

  14. I have been thinking about making an rpg without sexual or overly "mature" content, but I just don't see myself doing it in the near future. I like having the freedom to write whatever comes to mind. Maybe my preference would be to black out on the sex scenes, I don't know, but the work couldn't be teen rated anyway. To create a story without any adult content, I think I would have to take some story from my imagination and *dumb it down*. Because when you take out that dimension, the work becomes somehow monotonous. Villains become too nice and sometimes way cooler than the "good guys". Having some characters talk dirty or do offensive things to others adds depth to both them and the characters who don't do those things.

    On the other hand, I'm not proud of some of the things I wrote for DH. They are too extreme and not really needed for the story to work. (Things like the girl in the wood folk's lair, or some sailor parts for chapter 2.) Some of the sexual content wasn't written by me, and though I really appreciate Thirdpres' help, the fact that someone else could write that stuff and we could just add it in kinda goes to prove that the content in question is not an essential part of the story. It's only there to fulfill someone's wish. And I know that one can't please everybody, so why? I don't want to play a promiscuous character - I'd rather identify with my character, and that means having one romance interest and acting somewhat decent. So, I don't really enjoy the miscellaneous encounters, and when the author (or coordinator, since not all the text is mine) doesn't enjoy it... then why?

    It's not that I don't like the text itself, or the animations, it's just that I prefer those things when they happen to other characters, not the main one. And I don't need so much of it. For me, it takes a lot of time to write an important plot point or a quest. I don't want this piece of work to be 50% plot and 50% porn. I am not Valine. (Valine is my favorite game author, but I'm not her. I don't mean to say that ADWR is 50% porn, I don't really remember how much of it is, but I remember those modules are HUGE. All the DH modules together are probably going to be the size of 1 ADWR module.)

    I have been ranting as of late. Well, I do try to make the modules compact and orderly, but there is always chaos in my head. :D

    1. Hey, I like the sailors! Ok, maybe it's only important if they like *me* or not. ;)

      I've said before that it's your module, design it as you see fit. Though since you have asked for input in the past, I will just add a couple of things.

      I like the sexual content. There just doesn't seem to be a large quantity of decent to excellent modules with adult content. I think there should be more of these sort of mod's, not less.

      I figured some of the adult material did come from Thirdpres. I liked most of it. I could take or leave the girl in the lair scene, I suppose. Though I did like the effects it had on both me and Brash watching the scene unfold.

      And one doesn't necessarily to be a promiscuous PC to occasionally wander into random encounters where non consensual sexual activity might take place (whether it be to the PC or to an NPC)

      But as I said, I want you to make these modules the way you see fit and are comfortable with. I do admit to liking a bit more, uh, horndog-type characters coming after my PC during gameplay. But that's just me. Create this world the way you want.

      Thanks for the updates and sharing your thoughts with us.

    2. Some authors feel comfortable writing sex scenes, some don’t. Describing exactly each move in a sex scene and offering options of how to do it supposedly makes the game even more complete and detailed, but is it real necessary if it’s a pain in the ass to the author to write?
      We can compare a situation like that to a murder scene: the author could offer to the player an option to simply kill somebody, or implement it offering different options in how to do it and describing each murderer full detailed. But is it necessary? Well, if the author feels like doing it and enjoys the writing it definitely should happen, as enchanting the game with more detail is always better, but surely it wouldn’t change the quality of the story having it or not, nor should it be important to someone plays it or not.
      My point is Lamb should write and does what she feels like, the lack of some minor details (as sex scenes should be faced as) wouldn’t spoil the game.
      Let the game be made for those who real want to play it, the ones only interested in sex already have many options on internet lol.

  15. I approve of Mena R's message :)
    It's your story Lamb, yes input for others might add both 'spice' and another viewpoint/'interest', but if it 'breaks' your main character theme, then leave it out.

  16. All I really care about is your story and characters Lamb. Do whatever you have to to keep your interest up. I could care less about all the other things, and quite frankly I think that although some others might miss it they will also still love your story.

  17. Merry xmas and hope you'll get a nice vacation and maybe some inspiration for the happier parts of the module, I assume the plan is not all doom and gloom at least. :)

  18. Personally, I do enjoy the adult scenes as they add a sense of realism, it's safe to say the demonheart girl is attractive and in this sort of fantasy setting it's normal for her to get attention from men, especially the type she gets in contact with. However, if you don't like writing them or if you don't think they have a place in the story, then that's perfectly fine. It's your story. Keep up the great work, I really enjoy the sense of detail in your module, something I've been looking for since ADWR. Great, original story as well!

  19. Personally I do enjoy that things can happen to the other character can also happen to the main character. It adds realism. This realism can be destroyed (for me) if everyone is rather forward about wanting to bed your character. If real live is any indication a CHA 20 girl will get a lot of attention but only brave guys (or guys that do not care) will aproach her. You will not aproach a beautiful girl all dresed for war with her shining sword or bow out and several companions beside her and try to rape her - sailor or no sailor. I hope Lovelamb enjoys doing these mods at least a fraction of what I enjoy playing them - they are great so far! Thank you!

  20. ^ What he meant to say was what games did you get for Christmas that you're enjoying atm :D.

  21. I have to admit I'm starting to worry a bit. Almost two months without news. It would be a shame if Lamb gave up on it...

  22. Indeed this is starting to look pretty dead. Even more so than Celeritas Eos' latest lengthy newsless period.

  23. It is still too early to say that. Last two months also included the holiday season when people traditionally rest and/or travel and generally enjoy their time with their families and friends.

    There could also be more pressing concerns in something called real life, like university or work related issue.

    Hopefully, Lady Lamb decided to take some time off. I believe she would tell us if she decided to stop making the module. It's perfectly fine. Although we would probably be disappointed, let's be completely honest - it's not like she owes us anything.

  24. ditto Rango
    Judging from Lamb's last post she's rethinking some of the approaches to the 'periphery' of the storyline, and that takes time.

    1. It'd be nice for her to update us, though. A one sentence update would be more than enough. I don't think that's too much to ask for.

    2. Again, as Rango said, she doesn't actually owe us a thing. Yes, it goes without saying that many of us are eager for updates, but we can't know what's going on in her real life. Something might have occurred that's kept her busy and, in the larger scheme of the world, her life takes priority over the module. She's doing this for free, remember: she's not being paid, she's devoting her spare time to creating this world for us, which we're not paying a dime for either. She's doing -us- the favor in making this module and sharing her story with us. So, turn it around: it'd be nice for those she's doing this for (i.e. us) to show some patience and understanding... because I don't think that's too much to ask for either.

      You take your time doing whatever you're doing, Lamb. Hopefully nothing serious has happened in your real life situation, but if it has, we wish you the best.

    3. Never said she owes us anything, just said that giving us a short update (which she just did, btw) really isn't too much to ask for. Thanks Lamb.